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  1. General Discussion
    I’m interested, just any questions I should ask the seller or things I should look for? It currently has a 1JZ swap in it. Stock turbo, r154 trans, Cx intercooler, custom piping, mishimoto radiator, tien coilovers, custom HKS exhaust. Dude is asking $7500.
  2. Basic Help & Repair
    I ordered the isf bumper and got the isf fenders. I just want to know if I could get away with my current is350 bumper support. And I want to know if I can use the headlight bumper support on it.
  3. Go Faster
    Hi All, I have a 2005 IS300. Owned it for about 6 years and haven't done much to the engine so far. But I'm thinking of changing things up and adding some power to the car. I've been doing research and I'm stuck between the following options: 1. Slap a turbo on my stock motor (2JZ-GE) Pros...
  4. General Discussion
    Doing a w58 swap on my 02 is300, everything is on right now and started up for first time and realized there was a rough noise when letting out the clutch, realized it was my clutch fork grinding on the pressure plate as I let out clutch. I have a fidanza dual mass flywheel, exedy clutch kit...
  5. Go Faster
    Hi all, first time poster, long time lurker. My w55 is kicking the dirt with second gear gone and first on its way out. I wanted to replace it with the r154 and saw that driftmotion is selling one brand new for 2,800. I am new to the car scene and i am still learning about how things go...
  6. Go Fast Stuff
    I'm doing an ar5 swap on my IS and I would really like some input on your experiences with the clutch setup you went with. I spoke with Aaron from driftmotion this morning and that got me rethinking my clutch setup. I was planning on using keeping the factory internal slave setup and using the...
  7. Mobiletronics
    Okay, so to give some background, I've gone and bought a JVC kw-v660bt, a metra bullet backup cam, LED license plate lights and LED reverse bulbs (to ensure good backup cam vision at night) and I was wondering if anybody has swapped the location of the AC controls and radio, as I have a manual...
  8. General Discussion
    So I plan to do a automatic to manual W58 swap, but ive been looking on peoples swaps and I notice that the shifter is not centered with the is300 shifter area, it looks too far forwards. Is there any way to prevent this? Does the stock manual is300 plastic center piece help? Let me know.
  9. General Discussion
    So... it happened about 2 weeks back, My stock auto trans went cya later on my way to work and spewed trans oil along with me smoking up the whole 401. My guy just got back to me today and apparently the pressure pump inside my trans blew off, This is not my daily driver so it has now come to...
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys pretty new to the IS game. I own an Auto 03 IS300 & im wondering how far i could get in making the car faster before doing a whole engine/manual swap. I know the goto mods which are headers, exhaust, CAI, but is there anything else for an auto? Alot of the threads or things i find...
  11. Go Fast Stuff
    Hey everyone. I’ve got a 03 is300 that I’ve been pondering at boosting/ swapping. Obviously it’s got the stock 2jz Ge and I’m thinking of swapping in a 1jz I just can’t decide non vvti or vvti. I’m trying to do it with the least amount of headaches as possible/ most cost effective. Right now...
  12. Basic Help & Repair
    I have an LS430 that I would like to put a 'new' rear end in ... from my beloved 95 LS400. I've searched high and low but can't seem to find if these parts are at all interchangeable. Any ideas?
1-12 of 12 Results