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  1. Front ball joint castle nut too far in?

    Stop, Drop and Roll
    My car's been making a groaning/creaking/clunking noise in the front when when the suspension loads or unloads (braking, turning, etc.), so I jacked it up to do the ol' tug test for ball joints and tie rod ends. There was no play, but I noticed something odd when I was looking around: the upper...
  2. Front left lower control arm replacement

    DIY/tutorial forum
    Anyone have any links to how to correctly remove the lower control arm and replace it. Thanks much appreciated.
  3. Suspension issue

    General Discussion
    Having some suspension issues on the left front of my 01 is300. Read a few thing stating it might either be the lower control arms or the struts. Anyone have an thoughts or information regarding this. It would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Questions on Adjustable Control Arms

    Stop, Drop and Roll
    Recently bought this 2004 with these wheels and suspension already installed. Can't afford to chew through tires at the moment and need adjustable control arms. I have a few questions though. I was looking at Megan Racing and I guess the type IIs are only for drops of 2+ inches. With my current...
  5. Rattling After Front Shock Replacement?

    General Discussion
    So last night I replaced the front shocks with KYB shocks, and both also got the KYB front shock mounts. Everything went seemingly well (after a frustrating 5-6 hours) but as soon as i went out for a drive and came off my driveway onto the street, I noticed a clunk. I cautiously drove around the...
  6. Is 1G on the skid pad possible?

    Go Fast Stuff
    I have an '02 is with only 80k miles, was wondering about the handling potential of this ride? Any of you guys have an awesome suspension setup that you wouldn't mind sharing?