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  1. Stop, Drop and Roll
    I have a set of IS350 Front calipers and rotors that I got for a good deal. Still need to buy the phi kit for the conversion. A buddy of mine who has had a few JZXs in the past swears the Supra TT fronts are superior to the IS350 calipers. Can anyone speak to the experience of both or give...
  2. Go Faster
    Hey guys. Because my old motor is wrecked (dumb timing mistake by me) i selled it and now im looking on a 2JZ-GE NON VVTI out of a 93' Supra. Im buying everything except Intercooler and Downpipe in a set from a friend. Im getting the 93' Supra ECU, Wiring harness, engine with 148k kilometres...
  3. my supra

    mine floats does yours?
1-3 of 3 Results