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  1. Sportcross Unicorn Items

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    I'm in the market for some items that is specific to the Sportcross/Altezza Gita. 1. JDM Front Bumper Lip 2. Mud Guards (full set) 3. Altezza Window Visors (full set) I figured I'd try here first before I start sourcing out of the U.S. Hopefully you guys are still out there. Let me know!
  2. Front washer nozzles not working, rears are fine

    Basic Help & Repair
    Hi all - new to the forum as I picked up an IS300 SportCross a couple months back. Loving the car! I noticed today that the front washer nozzles weren't giving up the juice - but the rear nozzle is. My understanding is that there's a single pump on the reservoir - is that the case? If so I'm...
  3. Totalled


    This my 2002 Sportcross that I miss after some jerk-off pulled out in front of me.