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  1. General Discussion
    I installed a new headunit into my wife's 02 sportcross and only the front speakers are working. I did the amp bypass with a metra harness (i think, its been a while) and none of the rear speakers work. Any help? (UPDATE) Somewhat figured it out, the harness i got had jumpers running from some...
  2. Mobiletronics
    Just had the windshield replaced on my IS300 2002 and there is no sound coming from my speakers. The radio has power and scans through stations per usual, just no sound. Any help would be so appreciated. I checked a radio fuse under hood and it looked ok. I looked at the amp and it’s there but...
  3. Mobiletronics
    The rear deck speakers on my ‘02 are fizzing badly. I have stock speakers stock amp but an aftermarket cd player. All the videos show major splicing etc to put new speakers in, metra harness or something? Is there a speaker I can just plug in and play? Are the oe speakers 5.25 or 6x9? Thanks in...
1-3 of 3 Results