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  1. is300 cranks but won’t start

    General Discussion
    hi i have a 2002 is300 with 32k miles. i had this issue before where my car died and would crank but not start. i resolved this issue by taking out the fuel pump tfand cleaning it and blowing air through it. i put back the pump and it worked. a couple weeks later, my car started up and died...
  2. Crank No Start (No Spark) situation (2003 IS300)

    General Discussion
    Hello, My IS300 stopped starting not too long ago (right after it passed inspection -.-), I have another car so I ended up using that for a while until I had the time to dedicate to fixing this one. Love this car to death, i've got 253K miles on it! It means a ton to me so any help is greatly...
  3. Cranks but won’t start

    Basic Help & Repair
    was doing donuts in my 2001 automatic and everything seemed fine after that. started my car that same night and it kind of hesitated to start but did anyways. The following day it started perfectly fine but I felt like the car wasn’t running correctly. Kept hiccuping and taking a little too long...