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  1. New Member Introductions
    I'm 19 and I just bought my second car (2002 IS300 Auto AbsolutelyRed). Not a manual but it is fine, as it is my daily driver (I've got an occasionally working E30 manual coupe for the weekends). The car is basically stock, previous owner upgraded to late model taillights, but it's still pretty...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself and say that I'm excited to find this forum with such knowledgeable and passionate members. I have a 2001 IS300 in the great blue color that I've never tired of. I'm approaching 300,000 miles and just jinxed myself by saying it's never broken...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Heyyy I'm new to this site But I absolutely love my car and i want to learn more about working on it I was honestly hopeing to get to a meet up and drool over other beautiful carsI am in Stockton I wanna find someone who knows a bit about the ball joints and bushings some one put me up on game...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Had my lexus for a few years now. Did some work to it and people kept telling me to sign up and so i finally did. Hello everyone. Sry i couldnt upload a pic, ill have to try on my computer
  5. Basic Help & Repair
    Hi i’m looking to buy a 2001 IS300 automatic in auburn sky pearl. The car has 169,000 miles on it and is listed at $2800 but i think he would go down. I posted the listing and i’m not sure if it seems like a good buy or not. I’m looking for a stock IS to add mods to but i’m new to the car...
  6. IS300 Owner's Forum
    Hi all, My name is Tousif. I want to get an 2017 preowned IS300 Fsports. But rightnow I I’m little bit confused. Please let me choose the right car. preowned non certified: 20k mileage price: 28k preowned L/certified: 30k mileage Price: 30k I want to save some money since my budget is tight...
  7. General Discussion
    Well.. i bought this car for $600 it wasnt running but it turns over. the car wont start the guy said it was timing but who knows ( it could be on the wrong stroke maybe just ahead however im getting 0 compression on 1 and 2nd cylinders the gauge will not move up, this might be valves that are...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hi all! I bought my first car recently this year; an automatic 2001 Lexus IS300. I'm pretty new to the car scene in general but I feel like this is a good place to start. I got help winning it off of an auction with only 109k miles on it (couldn't believe it). Personally, I feel very lucky to...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hey what’s up guys, my name is David Austin and I like long walks on the beach. I’m from Lexington, KY. Home of basketball, horses, coal, bourbon and cousin lovin’. I graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a B.A in Philosophy and a Private Pilot License. Also went to community college...
  10. New Member Introductions
    I am a new member from Houston
  11. New Member Introductions
    Wassup fellow lexus owners. Name Omen I own a 2001 IS300. Stock at the moment, soon to mod. Southern California
1-11 of 11 Results