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  1. 1.25mm Headgasket on 2jz-GE VVTI NA-T

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    Hello forum Gods, Just seeing if anyone has ever run a 1.25mm headgasket on there GE, 2JZ’s. I’ve tried searching and I know the OEM GTE headgasket is 1.30mm thick so in theory I’m hoping I could run perfect compression for around 10-12psi of boost? its a stock motor otherwise, just want to get...
  2. Is300 mpg

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    So hello im new to the forum and im planning on buying an is300. My plans are to go the NA-T route. The question is can i have a turbo is300 to drive fast on a track and turn down the fuel usage when i cruise around the city with some kind of a tune or something. I'm asking because the ecu stuff...
  3. What ECU harness work with an AEM V2 EMS?

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    Hello there, I’ve recently come across my new is300 and I’ve already began the process at turbo charging the car. CX racing kit is on the way as well as some other goodies I will need. Anyways, I bought an AEM V2 ECU off of this guy that was running it in his Non VVTI Supra. The prongs he has...
  4. Updated 6/29/20- 01 is300 500+whp 2jzge NA-T Build

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    I know im gonna get a lot of comments saying to read the forums, Ive spent the last 6hrs reading through them but anyways im looking to get 500-800whp on my 2jzge na-t build but im stuck on picking the right parts ive seen people say change the rods and pistons out to GTE internals and build the...
  5. 2JZ-GE Non VVTI Swap is300 wiring, general infos

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    Hey guys. Because my old motor is wrecked (dumb timing mistake by me) i selled it and now im looking on a 2JZ-GE NON VVTI out of a 93' Supra. Im buying everything except Intercooler and Downpipe in a set from a friend. Im getting the 93' Supra ECU, Wiring harness, engine with 148k kilometres...
  6. Walbro "Hellcat" 525LPH

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    Hey everyone - upgrading my IS' injectors and fuel pump (800cc to 1300cc and Walbro255 to 525) as I make the switch over from a Greddy E-manage to a Haltech 2500. I've been searching online and wondering whether anyone has been able to properly fit a Walbro525 in their IS? If so, what was the...