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  1. Swapped IS300, need to reprogram key to new ECU

    General Discussion
    Hey guys! New to the IS community and cars in general so go easy on me. Picking up my first project, a 2001 is300 that was recently swapped to a w58 MT. To my understanding, the car thinks it’s in park and makes the car run poorly with the swap. I picked up a 2jz-ge M/T ecu off facebook...
  2. WTB: manual driveshaft, manual clutch pedal or pedal assembly, manual lsd diff

    Member Wanted To Buy/Trade
    If anyone has any of the parts available or any other parts I'll need for a manual swap please let me know! located in St. Louis, MO Edit: purchased clutch pedal and diff. Still in search of manual driveshaft (07/24/2020)
  3. IS300 MAuto Mod - Ultimate manual swap wiring - NO CEL - INSTANT POWER - NO PARTS NEEDED - AUTO ECU!

    Go Fast Stuff
    Hello! I'm new to this forum and I figured out how to wire the stock auto ecu without ANY error codes AND with smooth power delivery! I want to share this easy and free mod with you guys since manual ECUs are getting more rare and expensive and are only available on the US market. The first...
  4. 2001 auto to manual conversion from a 02-05

    General Discussion
    Hello guys. I have a 2001 auto and I have a spare 2003 manual that was wrecked badly. I am planning on doing a full swap to make my 2001 a working manual with an r154 trans. What things do i need change over besides Engine harness, dash harness, cluster, ecu, keys, clutch and brake pedals? Thank...