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  1. DIY/tutorial forum
    Diy install of my rebuilt 1gfe but I was stupid and didn't take photos of the important stuff lmao. I'm pretty new to all this and I pretty much all I have left is to find a ground point on the block. I have no idea where it goes though. If anyone has the forbidden knowledge that would be most...
  2. Basic Help & Repair
    Hi i have a 2006 Lexus IS250 RWD that doesnt start but has clean oil and full coolant but when i hit the push to start key the starter just turns the engine and spins the accessories but it doesnt make crank noise and I've never seen this before. Anybody on here have any insight on what it may be?
  3. New Member Introductions
    Heyyy I'm new to this site But I absolutely love my car and i want to learn more about working on it I was honestly hopeing to get to a meet up and drool over other beautiful carsI am in Stockton I wanna find someone who knows a bit about the ball joints and bushings some one put me up on game...
  4. General Discussion
    Lexus has just shared with us a teaser image of a mysterious new vehicle that isn’t what you’d expect. There’s no indication of what this machine could be, but we don’t believe it to be related to another recent teaser image. That photo was of an upcoming concept car that is said to preview a...
  5. General Discussion
    I have an 05 IS300 and was looking into getting some new headlights and I noticed that the part number for the 2001-2003 is different from the 04-05. Did Lexus change anything in the headlight unit between 03 & 04? The ones between 01-03 are significantly cheaper than those of 04 & 05 from...
  6. Go Faster
    Well lads I’ve a turbo is200 running a SW turbo kit set up td04 external wastegate. Was running 100% till yesterday when she start bogging down sometimes not all the time could be 1/2 times a day but it’s worrying me as it would. Let’s say I start the car leave her heat for while and then go to...
  7. Go Fast Stuff
    I'm currently looking to buy a Tanabe Medalion Concept G exhaust for my 01 IS300, but every website seems to cancel the order once its placed saying the product is unavailable. Does anyone have any experience in buying exhausts, in particular a Tanabe, in recent months? Or maybe now that the...
  8. Basic Help & Repair
    Hello, I own a 06 Lexus IS250 AWD AT with 141k miles on it. Today I drove it about 100 miles on a 90 degree weather at an average of 80 mph; I spent about 3.5 hours driving in total, 1 hr on a stop-and-go, and the rest on the highway; about 40 min on idle in neutral. About 30 miles away from...
  9. Basic Help & Repair
    I have a 2002 Lexus is300 that’s been acting up recently. Car would idle really rough on idle occasionally and would lack power. I took it to get scanned and got codes for random misfires in all 6 cylinders and also got code P1349. I first did a tune up changing all spark plugs and oil, filter...
  10. Basic Help & Repair
    Hey! I'm trying to install some extra light to my Lexus IS 300h. Just wondering if someone has already did that? Where do I get power for light bar? Is there some wiring diagram where I can find the right hi beam wire? Thanks for the answers!
  11. Car or a Car, that is the question.

    Files are too damn large, will upload later. """""" Updates will say "Update #1 etc.." and what its about, with the new pics below the update text """""" Update 1# (November 12/2019) Did the front lights, and fogs (but not in picture) also did Grill and Antenna to the normal 16" cause I like...
  12. lexus is300

    supra motor in lexus is300
  13. Lexus 5

  14. Lexus 4

    back end of my car
  15. Lexus 3

    18" Rims Stock from Lexus
  16. Lexus 2

    front end of my lexus
  17. 2001 Lexus Is 300

    2001 is 300,CF hood cyber FB, Rod millen grill, borla muffler with 3 inch magnaflow high flow cat, 18 inch adr wheels,toyo proxes,clarion touch screen indash,2 12inch rockfordfosgate T1's, kicker 1200.1, alpine V12 4 channel amp
  18. My pimped out ride!!

    Candy blue paint job, shaved everything, c-west front bumper, M3 side skirts, and Falcon rear bumper, enkei rims, VIS carbon hood, and APR carbon mirrors, sparco monza racing seats, custom interior!! SOON TO COME S/C!!
1-19 of 19 Results