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  1. Starting where He left off..

    108,XXXMiles Was a beautiful car. Custom Rear Modifications done with a Barrier at 70MPH in the Rain.
  2. 2009 IS250 Interior Lights Not Working

    General Discussion
    Hello everybody! I have a 2009 Lexus IS250 Base 2.5L V6 and I just bought it off a friend after he wrecked it. I was trying to figure out why the interior lights (dome, vanity, and foot well) aren’t working. Any ideas?
  3. 06 Lexus is250 6spd MT PO500 help

    General Discussion
    First time on here so maybe anybody can help I got a 6spd is250 and I got a code p0500. I hooked up the scanner and did some live data readings and my abs sensor are operating as I drive test my cluster the speedo works but on the scanner it does show me on engine side scan the vehicle speed...