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  1. Dont know where this plug goes

    General Discussion
    Hello! New to the forums and very new to owning an is300. So information about the car: I recently was given a 2003 is300 and I love the car but there have been somethings that Ive needed to either replace or fix due to the previous owners poor maintenance. which have been a little frustrating...
  2. Will they total this out

    Basic Help & Repair
  3. New IS300 owner looking for some guidance

    General Discussion
    So I have just recently (as of this week) purchased a '05 IS300. I have wanted one of these for a long time but never really did much but admire from afar. So I took my time to find just the right one for me. Finally settling on this '05 manual with a little over 100,000 miles. It has been adult...
  4. my IS300

    my IS300

  5. Halo


    IS in a parking garage. Interesting lighting.
  6. EVO and IS

    EVO and IS

    EVO and IS taken in the parking garage of the Concourse Buildings in Atlanta.
  7. My pimped out ride!!

    My pimped out ride!!

    Candy blue paint job, shaved everything, c-west front bumper, M3 side skirts, and Falcon rear bumper, enkei rims, VIS carbon hood, and APR carbon mirrors, sparco monza racing seats, custom interior!! SOON TO COME S/C!!
  8. sema 2004

    sema 2004