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  1. Basic Help & Repair
    So, I was on my way home from food shopping. About 5 mins from the house the radio and ac would cut off then come back on. Then the battery light would come on. Car completely died when I got home. Automatically, I thought alternator. Replaced alternator, car wouldn’t start. Put my friends...
  2. Go Faster
    Does anyone use the Link G4x panic wire PNP for the IS300? Looked through the forum a few times and couldn't find anything. I have been emailing with them regarding some questions because I am getting ready to cough up the money when I finish building my JZ. I was confused on how I run a...
  3. General Discussion
    I’m doing an R154 swap and I need the measurement from the output shaft to the stock auto lsd differential. Does anyone happen to know this measurement. I’d rather not wait until I have the trans in and have to wait on the driveshaft.
  4. General Discussion
    Greetings, What are these two items on the is300 engine harness? I have a 2JZ-GE swap I'm wiring up with the bare necessities to run well. Thanks! All the best, ~HollywoodJackson~
  5. Go Faster
    Does anyone run the PNP offered for the IS300, I'm looking into it and only have found a few threads on it not going into much detail. When running this do you keep the MAF and it just sits there as a placeholder while MAP and IAT take care of it? Along with the Auto transmission plugs, and...
  6. Basic Help & Repair
    Hi I have a 2019 Lexus IS 300 f sport. The traction control button is completely stuck in the “pressed” state. Any ideas how to fix something like this?
  7. Go Faster
    Recently I picked up a junkyard GE for my IS300 that I'm going to be building for boost. I have torn most of it down and everything has looked amazing. I'm going to order my pistons in a week or so and get ready to hit the machine shop. I was getting ready to tear apart the head and I decided to...
  8. Basic Help & Repair
    Picked up an 03’ is300 with 80k on engine and body. Car is mechanically sound (ish) however with my very enthusiastic driving it’s starting to struggle with retaining fluids. There’s oil coming from the pan seal, oil pump, and possible other places. Was curious if anyone has re sealed the GE...
  9. General Discussion
    Looking to go for a new set of headers. Now from my research the port size on the head is about 1.4 inch. Are the stock headers the same diameter and if so should I get headers that have a inlet of 1.5 with a exit of 2 inch? Or should I go bigger. Any info would be good. I plan to keep the car...
  10. Go Fast Stuff
    What’s the better option between the panic made Link G4X and the Ecumasters EMU? There’s other options like Haltech and aem infinity but other people have told me the other two listed above are plug n play
  11. Go Faster
    I've been extensively researching everything related to turbocharging the 1st gen IS and I've put together a list of what I THINK will work well together. I'm basically just looking to find out whether or not these would all work well in harmony together. Also what ECU would you guys recommend...
  12. Basic Help & Repair
    I have tried searching around forums but haven't quite found a solution. So I've replaced the throttle body from a used IS300, my car idles pretty low below 1k rpm idle even in drive as well and sometimes would have a rough start. It's currently in limp mode and I would have to press the gas...
  13. Member Sale/Trade
    Never mounted bought it a while back but never put it on came from Japan and I paid around $210 CAD for it so I’m letting it go for $130 USD and i can cover half shipping :)
    $130 USD
  14. Member Sale/Trade
    Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust for 1st gen IS300's. $200 Had it on my car for a long time but has never seen snow/salt and barely any rain. Polishes up nicely as you can see from the pictures - I did not spend the time to polish the entire system. I only took pictures of the polished areas -...
    $200 USD
  15. General Discussion
    I am wondering if anyone knows if ls400 UCF10 front/rear brakes will bolt up to the is300? Im looking for smaller calipers that fit. Please let me know. I know they are not a upgrade and yes ucf10 brakes.
  16. General Discussion
    Literally paid 107$ to fill up on premium gas, what a pos lol. I’ve heard that running 87 octane isn’t that bad, car is already slow as hell so why not.
  17. Go Fast Stuff
    Has anyone ran a Greddy RS catback exhaust with the 3rd cat deleted and stock headers? I want to quiet down from the straight pipe it has on it but no point of spending the $800cad on the full catback for it to still sound obnoxious.
  18. Basic Help & Repair
    Hello everyone. So I bought a 03 is300 that wouldn't start. Kid stated it over heated and he limped it home, after parking it it refused to start. Sat for over a year before I towed it home. Put fuel stabilizer in the tank and put 1/4 tank of 91 octain in bringing it to half a tank. Went to...
  19. Basic Help & Repair
    What’s up guys i have a lexus is300 i bought not too long ago. The guy told me to make sure i don’t go over 140 miles or i’ll run out of gas … he wasn’t lying. it has a brand new fuel pump and sending unit on it. runs great other than it only uses about half the tank anyone have any answers ...
  20. Basic Help & Repair
    I had take my intake manifold off when I was in the process of replacing a head gasket. All the other parts weren’t difficult to get back on, but the upper intake manifold is not able to fit between the lower intake manifold stud and the brake booster. I searched the forum and haven’t found a...
1-20 of 142 Results