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  1. P0010 Camshaft Actuator Sensor

    Basic Help & Repair
    Hey everyone! I have the check engine light on, on my 2003 Lexus is300. the code appears to show that it is A Camshaft Actuator Sensor. I am new to this car and am still finding my way around it. Does anyone know how to fix this baby, as well as maybe help me point out the sensor in the engine...
  2. AC not blowing from center vents, anyone know a solution?

    General Discussion
    So my ac works but it just does not blow out of the center vents. It blows out of the drivers side and passenger side but just not the middle. Can anyone help with an solution?
  3. Y pipe bolt sizing, please help!

    General Discussion
    I just got a megan y pipe and I need to cut out the stock ones but I dont know the bolt size that I need, can anyone help? It the 3 bolts that connect to the headers and the 2 bolt that connects to the resonator.
  4. New here! Blue is300

    New Member Introductions
    New here! Here’s my 02 auto is300. Mod list: Teckwrap Blue gem wrap Custom q45 retrofit headlights and tail lights Full clear tail light set as well 18x10.5 and 18x11.5 SSR Agle Hp wheels Ulterior Motive sv5 flares Lip kit and custom splitter Airtekk stage one air suspension Clazzio seat covers...
  5. Leaking coolant only when turned off

    Basic Help & Repair
    I have an 01 is300. I took my son to the doctors and I came home and seen a puddle of antifreeze leaking from under my car. I put it up on a jack and tried to locate the leak and I can’t find it. It doesn’t over heat or leak while I’m driving it... just leaks a lot when I turn it off.....
  6. Selling IS300 torsen LSD differential

    Member Sale/Trade
    Hi everyone, I'm selling a mint condition M22 differential (auto IS300, 1st Gen, 3'5 ratio) Has no shafts but it has the cups, never drifted and it's in really good shape. Price: 500€ I'm located in Spain but can ship worldwide at buyers expense.
  7. Need opinions for my exhaust setup!

    General Discussion
    So I just bought an HKS Hi-Power axleback exhaust and the rest of my whole exhaust is stock. Im just wondering what I should get next, y-pipe, catback part, or headers. I wanna make it louder so what kind of setup would make it louder and maybe backfire a bit. Want to hear your opinions and what...
  8. Replaced Brake Booster on 02 IS300 5MT. Now car won't crank. Any Help?

    Basic Help & Repair
    Hey Guys, so yesterday I replaced my brake booster with an after market one from Rock Auto. After the install, the car stopped cranking. Already tried jumping it and making sure everything was plugged it, don't know where I messed up and was wondering if anyone has any ideas? I had to install it...
  9. MS 2003 PEARL WHITE 142,978

    Cars for Sale
    Whats up guy!! Had this car for about 17 years now but unfortunately I don’t have the time to drive it anymore. Trying to see how much i can sell it for. I have a few offer already. It runs smooth but it is showing its age. The leather seat are tears, rims are peeling, some dents, some...
  10. Brakes are dragging

    Basic Help & Repair
    Hello, I have a problem with my 05 Lexus IS300 where the brakes won’t engage all the way when I press the pedal to the floor. It’s like if the brakes were just dragging along and I wouldn’t be able to come to a sudden stop if I had too. I think it might either be a seized caliper, master...
  11. W58 clutch and flywheel swap issue

    Basic Help & Repair
    So I just did the w58 clutch and flywheel swap on my 03 factory manual because the dual mass was about toast and I am having an issue with a dead zone in the clutch pedal as well as the release bearing rubbing on the pressure plate fins, found out about that part after some quick research. I've...
  12. Help with fuel pump on 03 is300

    General Discussion
    So i bought a fuel pump and it didnt come with these pieces i was gonna use the old ones but when i took the old pump of they got broke. Please help
  13. What ECU harness work with an AEM V2 EMS?

    Go Faster
    Hello there, I’ve recently come across my new is300 and I’ve already began the process at turbo charging the car. CX racing kit is on the way as well as some other goodies I will need. Anyways, I bought an AEM V2 ECU off of this guy that was running it in his Non VVTI Supra. The prongs he has...
  14. Leather seat ripped repair

    Basic Help & Repair
    Hey yall i got my first is300 recently just been fixing her up making her presentable.S Unfortunately i purchased it with ripped leater seats and i was wondering your guys ideas on how to fix the multiple splits. Lemi know ypur opinions and what you would doo! Im thinking leather glue with a...
  15. NC - 2002 IS 300 Manual For Sale - SOLD

    Cars for Sale
    UPDATE* Lowered price to 5900... I really don't want the car to sit for weeks on end.. Really want the car to go to someone who will drive and enjoy. I purchased a newer car and no longer have need for this one. Up until a few weeks ago, I was driving this car six to seven days a week. I am...
  16. Good deal?

    General Discussion
    I'm looking to buy a 5 speed is300 with 120k miles and everything basically still stock. The dude is asking 6500 and I just want to know (been saving since I was 16 lmao) go for it because it's a crazy deal or hold off and wait.
  17. P1349 and p1656 please help

    General Discussion
    The p1349 code came on but the car was running fine. (Some acceleration loss) so I replaced the OCV with a new one and it made no difference. I’ve read that it could be bad timing but the car runs smooth so I don’t think it’s that. I’ve also read it could be a blocked oil passage but I don’t...
  18. Turbo Process?

    General Discussion
    I’m thinking about turbocharging my 2002 is300. It currently has 31k miles. I’m looking at the cxracing kit ( My...
  19. Tanabe Exhaust Unavailable in 2020?

    Go Fast Stuff
    I'm currently looking to buy a Tanabe Medalion Concept G exhaust for my 01 IS300, but every website seems to cancel the order once its placed saying the product is unavailable. Does anyone have any experience in buying exhausts, in particular a Tanabe, in recent months? Or maybe now that the...