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is300 engine
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  1. General Discussion
    Hey guys, I have an 01 is300 with 230k miles on it and i had taken it to the shop to clean my injectors and he told that i'd have to replace my spark plugs as well as they were too worn out and also changed my whole set of coils as it was misfiring on the 3rd and 4th cylinder. Once he put back...
  2. General Discussion
    So I was wondering if I was to do a 1jz or 2jzgte swap, could I just have the normal wiring harness plug into a stand alone ecu and program that ecu to start up the car via a push button start? Or would I still need the immobilizer?
  3. General Discussion
    I’m thinking about turbocharging my 2002 is300. It currently has 31k miles. I’m looking at the cxracing kit ( My...
  4. General Discussion
    Hey guys. Mad respect first of all i and Doing a whole deal and gasket change out on the02 is3 and Mayhave messed up timing other than lining up crank to tdc and both cams to tdc do i need To know anything elseto CORRECTLY time my GE before i close Up everything? All the vid about how...
  5. Basic Help & Repair
    Hi, I have a strange problem. Back in 2016 I removed the engine from my is300 and it has sat there for 3 years, anyway I've put it back in and got it working except there is a problem. Next to the Coolant temp sensor on the side of the head there is another threaded hole that I only noticed when...
1-6 of 6 Results