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  1. Mobiletronics
    I have a standard Lexus IS radio on my. I have had my Lexus since 2011 and it is still going strong BUT the placement of the auxiliary jack is annoying and I really dont play CDs anymore though I have ones that are my backup when I have no other options for music Well, finally the jack needs...
  2. General Discussion
    Hi all. I have a 2006 Lexus is250 that is approaching 200k miles. After driving for about 20 minutes, the car will shudder when going from first to second at a low acceleration when I’m in stop and go traffic. The engine also stalls when I shift into reverse when parallel parking after an...
  3. General Discussion
    Hello, I have a 2007 Lexus IS350 with 72k miles. I changed the alternator yesterday after it failed, and now my car will not start. I have found several replies in various threads of others experiencing this same issue after changing their alternator, but have not been able to find any...
  4. General Discussion
    Hi Folks, New guy here and recent proud owner of a 2008 is250 6mt. Love it so far. I bought a used headlight housing off ebay as new ones are $1000+ and mine has a cracked lens and is missing 2 of the screw mounting points. The listing was stated as a 2006-2010 Xenon HID headlight. After...
  5. Basic Help & Repair
    Hi i have a 2006 Lexus IS250 RWD that doesnt start but has clean oil and full coolant but when i hit the push to start key the starter just turns the engine and spins the accessories but it doesnt make crank noise and I've never seen this before. Anybody on here have any insight on what it may be?
  6. General Discussion
    Does anyone know if you can wire a bee R limiter into a 250? Thanks Update: got it installed and it works but when you turn the head lights on it kills the car
  7. Mobiletronics
    This is my first post here so hopefully I'm doing this right. I'm planning to buy a family friend's IS250 the week after next. I want to get CarPlay for the vehicle but I've been struggling to find a good way to do that on the no nav model while retaining AC controls. In a perfect world, I'd...
  8. Basic Help & Repair
    On February 7th we received about a foot of snow and temps below freezing. My son drove to cousins house that night to watch a game. Went to leave and his IS250 started and the rpm started jumping up and down then shut off. vsc light came on couldn’t bush brake.Well he could but was hard. Left...
  9. General Discussion
    i have is300 2008 and i was looking for parts/mods for my car but most shops only have is250 or is350 even amazon is same. the reason i have is300 is because i live in gcc and we didnt get the 250. so can i fit the 250 or 350 parts on my 300 or not
  10. Go Fast Stuff
    What’s the full estimated potential horsepower gain on a 2007 IS 250?
  11. Go Fast Stuff
    Hey guy’s I just bought my first ever IS 250, never had a Lexus before so driving this car has been an amazing experience, I been loving the car, I just wanna know how I can improve performance and speed, I’m not looking to add 100hp because I already know this car isn’t build for that, that or...
  12. New Member Introductions
    Just bought my first car at 17, actually found a manual trans IS250 with x package and had to scoop it up. Love this car, definitely not the fastest car in the world (200hp lol) but I find it a lot of fun. Any suggestions for mods? I think window tint is a must.
  13. Wheels and Tires
    Hi all, looking for wheels for my IS250 (2006) I’ve found these: HUSSLA SHAZ BRIGHT SILVER 19X8.5 5X114.3 - CNC Wheels To my understanding they are 19X8.5 et40. I am happy with this size for the front but am unsure about how tucked they will be at the rear. Preferably I’d like 9.5 rear but I...
  14. Basic Help & Repair
    Hello, I own a 06 Lexus IS250 AWD AT with 141k miles on it. Today I drove it about 100 miles on a 90 degree weather at an average of 80 mph; I spent about 3.5 hours driving in total, 1 hr on a stop-and-go, and the rest on the highway; about 40 min on idle in neutral. About 30 miles away from...
  15. New Member Introductions
    Hey what’s up guys, my name is David Austin and I like long walks on the beach. I’m from Lexington, KY. Home of basketball, horses, coal, bourbon and cousin lovin’. I graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a B.A in Philosophy and a Private Pilot License. Also went to community college...
  16. Basic Help & Repair
    What's up everyone new here and the question might've already gotten answered at another thread. I have a 2010 IS250 (Not Factory Xenon Headlight Model) and recently installed new headlights with the LED strip. The factory headlights has the High beam as the DRL before, and now with the upgrade...
  17. Wheels and Tires
    I want to replaced the rims of an Is 250 2008 awd, with Fsport black 18 rims? Is the same size? Which year will fit?
  18. DIY/tutorial forum
    Doing some repairs from a small fender bender to my car on the hood. Replaced the damaged OEM Hood with a Carbon Fiber and realized we could not close the hood because the driver side hood hinge was damaged and we couldn't salvage it. The damage hood hinge causes the hood to be misaligned and...
  19. NightSide

    IS250 Night Picture
1-19 of 19 Results