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  1. Time for a new car and I have decided...

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, I'm new to the Lexus brand, so new I don't even own one yet. My name is Doug and I live in the metro St. Louis region. I have owned a 2004 BMW 330Ci Coupe and love driving it for the last 10 years. It has been my daily driver, my joys and my heartaches. I bought the car with...
  2. NC - 2002 IS 300 Manual For Sale - SOLD

    Cars for Sale
    UPDATE* Lowered price to 5900... I really don't want the car to sit for weeks on end.. Really want the car to go to someone who will drive and enjoy. I purchased a newer car and no longer have need for this one. Up until a few weeks ago, I was driving this car six to seven days a week. I am...
  3. Don't know what battery to get 2002 IS300

    Basic Help & Repair
    I'm brand new to cars, but got myself a 2002 is300 that needs some work. First thing is the battery needs replaced but I have no idea what I should be getting. There seems to be a good amount of options, but having little knowledge in the area I was hoping you all could help me out.
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  5. O2 sensor delete box simulators help!

    General Discussion
    I’ve had one of those delete boxes like token solutions plugged into the 2 rear o2 sensors and just recently I got error codes po161 I believe for short in rear o2 sensors. I checked the box and it flashes a red light now as it used to flash green when working. Any ideas? There is a capacitor in...
  6. 2003 IS 300

    2003 IS 300