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  1. I need help with my 03 is300

    General Discussion
    Okay so i just got a 2003 is300 that when i bought it the guy said he put s new head gasket on it and evrything but never finished timing it and i got it thinking that the timing is no problem so i timed it and i can spin the motor over by hand and its good but when i go to crank it to read the...
  2. ECU Relocation/ Wire Tuck / HELP

    General Discussion
    What’s up everyone I’m currently Rebuilding my 03 IS300 again and this time I’m doing everything the way I should have originally have done in the first place. With that I’m converting from Auto to a R154 and will be going with an FFIM and larger turbo this time! After taking the Intake Manifold...
  3. First Gen IS300 Need help with coilovers

    Basic Help & Repair
    So I recently began installing coilovers on my first gen IS300. The front passenger side strut went in fine, but the passenger rear did not line up right. The studs at the top didn't line up with the holes in the chassis. (Pics posted) Need help here guys. Did I install the rear coilover on the...
  4. What is the hole next to the ECT on my IS300

    Basic Help & Repair
    Hi, I have a strange problem. Back in 2016 I removed the engine from my is300 and it has sat there for 3 years, anyway I've put it back in and got it working except there is a problem. Next to the Coolant temp sensor on the side of the head there is another threaded hole that I only noticed when...
  5. IS200 J160 gearbox issue

    General Discussion
    Hi guys, Hope you're all well! Please bare with me as this is my first forum post! I'm having an issue with my gearbox and wondering if someone could help. After about 40 mins of normal driving gear changes become difficult sometimes so difficult i can't even get into first or reverse...
  6. Will they total this out

    Basic Help & Repair