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  1. No start after timing belt :(

    General Discussion
    Hi, So I just finished timing belt job on my 2001 IS300 [Automatic] with the OEM kit with cam/crank seals, WP, etc. I also replaced spark plugs and valve cover gasket. When I try to start it, it just cranks. It sounds like it wants to start and it will sputter like it's about to but it doesn't...
  2. P0010 Camshaft Actuator Sensor

    Basic Help & Repair
    Hey everyone! I have the check engine light on, on my 2003 Lexus is300. the code appears to show that it is A Camshaft Actuator Sensor. I am new to this car and am still finding my way around it. Does anyone know how to fix this baby, as well as maybe help me point out the sensor in the engine...
  3. Replaced Brake Booster on 02 IS300 5MT. Now car won't crank. Any Help?

    Basic Help & Repair
    Hey Guys, so yesterday I replaced my brake booster with an after market one from Rock Auto. After the install, the car stopped cranking. Already tried jumping it and making sure everything was plugged it, don't know where I messed up and was wondering if anyone has any ideas? I had to install it...
  4. Upgrading Fuel Pump Questions

    Go Fast Stuff
    Hey all! I'm planning on upgrading my fuel pump on a first gen IS300. I've seen performance fuel pumps all over the place, but they all seem to have some wiring done to the connection and I don't want to nor have the tools to crimp wires and all that jazz. Is there a good performance fuel pump...
  5. Help with fuel pump on 03 is300

    General Discussion
    So i bought a fuel pump and it didnt come with these pieces i was gonna use the old ones but when i took the old pump of they got broke. Please help
  6. Help! Rough idle issues

    Altezza Owner's Forum
    Hey guys! I have a auto 3sge altezza 270,000ks that has a few issues, i brought this car running extremely rough. I have since replaced the throttle body and afm but the idle surges from 1200rpm to 3200rpm. Usually it revs at 3200 in park or neutral when cold then drops to 1200-1500 in drive...
  7. o2 sensor help

    General Discussion
    I’m thinking about getting some headers for my 2002 IS but i don’t know anything about o2 sims or how the sensors even work, if i were to install the headers without a sim will the car even turn on? Or will it turn on but my mpg will go down a lot and i’ll get a CEL light, any help would be...
  8. When my car warms up it shuts off

    General Discussion
    I recently had a problem with my first gen is300 where after the engine gets all warmed up it shuts off after 10-15 minutes I came to this conclusion after the first time it happened where I figured it was the spark plugs,coils and wires so I changed them out and I’m having the same problem i...
  9. 03 is300 no compression at all

    General Discussion
    I have a 03 is300 with 166k on it and i bought it and the guy had replaced the headgasket and timed it just didn't put the radiator back in and stuff like that. Well i got it and i wanted to do a compression test and im not getting any at all i have all the other gaskets and stuff from the head...
  10. C1246 PLEASE HELP!!!!

    General Discussion
    I have an 03 is300 took the spoiler off trunk to paint it I had the 2 wires touch for a second as I plugged them in. After that my brake and abs light came in on. Got the codes c1246 and c1223 I know 1223 follows 1246. I replaced brake light switch 60 amp abs fuse and abs solenoid still have...
  11. I need help with my 03 is300

    General Discussion
    Okay so i just got a 2003 is300 that when i bought it the guy said he put s new head gasket on it and evrything but never finished timing it and i got it thinking that the timing is no problem so i timed it and i can spin the motor over by hand and its good but when i go to crank it to read the...
  12. ECU Relocation/ Wire Tuck / HELP

    General Discussion
    What’s up everyone I’m currently Rebuilding my 03 IS300 again and this time I’m doing everything the way I should have originally have done in the first place. With that I’m converting from Auto to a R154 and will be going with an FFIM and larger turbo this time! After taking the Intake Manifold...
  13. First Gen IS300 Need help with coilovers

    Basic Help & Repair
    So I recently began installing coilovers on my first gen IS300. The front passenger side strut went in fine, but the passenger rear did not line up right. The studs at the top didn't line up with the holes in the chassis. (Pics posted) Need help here guys. Did I install the rear coilover on the...
  14. What is the hole next to the ECT on my IS300

    Basic Help & Repair
    Hi, I have a strange problem. Back in 2016 I removed the engine from my is300 and it has sat there for 3 years, anyway I've put it back in and got it working except there is a problem. Next to the Coolant temp sensor on the side of the head there is another threaded hole that I only noticed when...
  15. IS200 J160 gearbox issue

    General Discussion
    Hi guys, Hope you're all well! Please bare with me as this is my first forum post! I'm having an issue with my gearbox and wondering if someone could help. After about 40 mins of normal driving gear changes become difficult sometimes so difficult i can't even get into first or reverse...
  16. Will they total this out

    Basic Help & Repair