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  1. what to do ??

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys pretty new to the IS game. I own an Auto 03 IS300 & im wondering how far i could get in making the car faster before doing a whole engine/manual swap. I know the goto mods which are headers, exhaust, CAI, but is there anything else for an auto? Alot of the threads or things i find...
  2. o2 sensor help

    General Discussion
    I’m thinking about getting some headers for my 2002 IS but i don’t know anything about o2 sims or how the sensors even work, if i were to install the headers without a sim will the car even turn on? Or will it turn on but my mpg will go down a lot and i’ll get a CEL light, any help would be...
  3. Where to buy headers for a RHD 2JZ tezza?

    Go Fast Stuff
    found out that the USDM is300 headers would interfer with the steering column, so now im stuck on finding where i can grab headers that will fit, as 99% of the aftermarket parts come from the US
  4. Manifold questions/concerns *clogged cat*

    Go Fast Stuff
    I have a clogged cat that's in the manifold(first 2 cats) and I called around to see how much to fix and the shop said 1800 to replace the manifold etc. I'm assuming oem parts , but what about just getting headers and deleting the cats? What about the sensors? What's my best course of action...