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  1. Go Fast Stuff
    Hello I’m really new to the car scene, and I had a question I just bought an is300 and I came with headers and I was wondering what I need to install them ? Assuming I can’t just bolt them on. I have a 2001 btw
  2. Member Wanted To Buy/Trade
    I’m looking for xerd headers because based on what I learned here they are good for performance/quality but not as loud as the Mazzuri headers which is perfect for my daily na build. I’m trying to improve the power/sound without going nuts or making it unbearable sound wise. I know I’m trying to...
  3. General Discussion
    Ive been looking for new Headers w/ Cats because my car is at 160K, and ive come across these ebay headers with cats already integrated into them. How long would they last realistically? Not as expensive as MagnaFlow, has both cats to avoid the CEL, what do you guys think? worth the buy...
  4. Go Fast Stuff
    So after installing Catless Headers i was wondering if a tune is required after to make the car run better or get rid of the check engine light? just wanting to know before i go catless with DNA Catless headers with a megan Racing Y pipe.
  5. Go Fast Stuff
    So I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this for 2 reasons. One, because I bought eBay headers. Two, because this topic has been covered a lot. I've searched far and wide and can't find the thread about the dorman HELP! sparkplug de-foulers/cel fixer. What's the thread pitch for our oxygen...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, so i bought an automatic 2001 is300 at the beginning of this year, and this is my first car that I've decided to build, so far its pretty stock in performance wise, i do have coilovers, new pair of spark plugs, i put in a new fuel pump,and an aem cold air intake, and a catback...
  7. Member Sale/Trade
    For sale Mazzuri v1 headers. Came off my is300 but will fit any 2jzge. Comes with y-pipe, $600 buyer covers shipping.
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys pretty new to the IS game. I own an Auto 03 IS300 & im wondering how far i could get in making the car faster before doing a whole engine/manual swap. I know the goto mods which are headers, exhaust, CAI, but is there anything else for an auto? Alot of the threads or things i find...
  9. General Discussion
    I’m thinking about getting some headers for my 2002 IS but i don’t know anything about o2 sims or how the sensors even work, if i were to install the headers without a sim will the car even turn on? Or will it turn on but my mpg will go down a lot and i’ll get a CEL light, any help would be...
  10. Go Fast Stuff
    found out that the USDM is300 headers would interfer with the steering column, so now im stuck on finding where i can grab headers that will fit, as 99% of the aftermarket parts come from the US
  11. Go Fast Stuff
    I have a clogged cat that's in the manifold(first 2 cats) and I called around to see how much to fix and the shop said 1800 to replace the manifold etc. I'm assuming oem parts , but what about just getting headers and deleting the cats? What about the sensors? What's my best course of action...
1-11 of 11 Results