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  1. is300 cranks but won’t start

    General Discussion
    hi i have a 2002 is300 with 32k miles. i had this issue before where my car died and would crank but not start. i resolved this issue by taking out the fuel pump tfand cleaning it and blowing air through it. i put back the pump and it worked. a couple weeks later, my car started up and died...
  2. Upgrading Fuel Pump Questions

    Go Fast Stuff
    Hey all! I'm planning on upgrading my fuel pump on a first gen IS300. I've seen performance fuel pumps all over the place, but they all seem to have some wiring done to the connection and I don't want to nor have the tools to crimp wires and all that jazz. Is there a good performance fuel pump...
  3. Help with fuel pump on 03 is300

    General Discussion
    So i bought a fuel pump and it didnt come with these pieces i was gonna use the old ones but when i took the old pump of they got broke. Please help
  4. Fuel Delivery issue. New fuel pump, possibly Fuel Pump Resistor?

    Basic Help & Repair
    Hi, TL : DR Car wouldn't start. Switched EFI/HORN relays and car would start, but horn still worked. Car died a few days later and would not restart. Shop determined it needed a fuel pump/filter/pressure regulator/ and relay. We replaced all. ($1266 after tax... oof!) With new pump the car...
  5. Cranks but won’t start

    Basic Help & Repair
    was doing donuts in my 2001 automatic and everything seemed fine after that. started my car that same night and it kind of hesitated to start but did anyways. The following day it started perfectly fine but I felt like the car wasn’t running correctly. Kept hiccuping and taking a little too long...
  6. Is this the fuel pump sound?

    General Discussion
    My car won’t start after sitting for maybe 4 or even 5 days some people suggested to listen for fuel pump whine so here’s the link to the video What do you guys think? I just don’t know
  7. Walbro "Hellcat" 525LPH

    Go Faster
    Hey everyone - upgrading my IS' injectors and fuel pump (800cc to 1300cc and Walbro255 to 525) as I make the switch over from a Greddy E-manage to a Haltech 2500. I've been searching online and wondering whether anyone has been able to properly fit a Walbro525 in their IS? If so, what was the...