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  1. Member Sale/Trade
    Hey guys I just replaced my muffler with an HKS hi power and I’m looking to sell it. Idk if anyone wants this but if you are trying to get your car back to stock/replace a stock one that’s broken I’m your guy. It works perfectly it’s just been around for a while. I didn’t replace it because of a...
  2. Cars for Sale
    4k obo 2002 Lexus is300 Located in the Columbus, Ohio area. Rebuilt title VIN: JTHBD192420037688 Manual Transmission with factory LSD The timing belt, head gasket, and seals were done back in December approximately 1000 miles ago. The AC is fully functional. No sunroof. No sticky dash. CEL is...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello IS Community! I’m new here! My partner and I have been the delighted owners of a 2001 Lexus is300 with the legendary inline 6 with zero modifications. It’s the best car we’ve ever owned. We LOVE this car and affectionately call him “Shadowfax” (the white stallion Gandalf rode in the final...
1-3 of 3 Results