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  1. Basic Help & Repair
    So I had a High idle around 1,100 RPM on my is300. No CEL. Read up on it here and seen the VVTI Solenoid mentioned I had just replaced it accidentally ( I rested on it while changing spark plugs and broke the clip smh lol ) so I had originally ruled that out and then seen there was a filter...
  2. Basic Help & Repair
    My 2001 IS 300 has a short in the ecm on the efi circuit…. Blah blah blah hid diagnosed today. my question is it better to… A. Send it off to one of the ecu repair companies. B. Try to buy a ecm off eBay or scrap yard. If I do B what all would I need to buy ? What’s honestly my best option…...
  3. Basic Help & Repair
    Greetings everyone, I have an 02 IS300, there’s a coolant leak from just above the thermostat housing and above the alternator. Pics are included. Anybody know why coolant is leaking out of that hole? It does have a brand new water pump.
1-3 of 3 Results