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  1. Valve Issues?

    General Discussion
    This engine is literally Satan and looks basically brand new. Every part; cams, valves, lifters, VVTi gear, etc. On the way back home a valve or 2 got stuck again. Its a never ending cycle, and I'm sick of this bull####. No codes, no nothing, can't find anything wrong. Purrs like a kitten,and...
  2. Engine problem

    Basic Help & Repair
    Hello everyone new here and hope someone can help . On way to work friday morning in is 250 . Put foot down to overtake tractor and at about 6000 rpm there was a horrible grinding sound , dashboard lights came on and engine cut out . Wouldn't restart so rang greenflag . Put on diagnostic and...
  3. Oil Problem causes ruined Engine Block?

    General Discussion
    Valves, Lifters, Cams, Hoses, Radiators, Pumps, Headers, Intakes.. etc etc. All have been replaced, Engine is Oil free and could cook a egg on it. New plug wires, New Plugs, New Vacuum hoses, yada yada. As I said in a post a couple months ago, car has had "dodgy" if that term should even be used...
  4. Compression test results

    General Discussion
    Well, it took almost 2 years to get another free weekend, but I’ve finally had a chance to do a compression test. When I pulled out the plugs, the first was dry, but the rest had oil in the well and the plugs were dripping in oil. Cylinder 5 was the worst followed by 6 and 4, 3, then 2. The...
  5. Engine


    Hood Up