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  1. General Discussion
    I just replaced the coil packs, spark plugs, and wires. I noticed a small random metal hose that comes off the side of the head. What is this for? And should there be anything hooked up to it? thanks JMperformance
  2. Basic Help & Repair
    I recently got a P0440, P0441, and P0446 codes and after clearing it, came back a day later. I popped the hood and found that on acceleration/deceleration there would be a clicking noise/vibration felt coming from the black module that the throttle position sensor is connected to. What part is...
  3. Basic Help & Repair
    i have an 2001 is300 with a w55 but recently my engine has been giving out on me so i figured id swap another ge into it. only issue im having is that im reading these forums and i cant find out if my harness from my 2001 would work with 2002-2005 2jz ge's. i was thinking about just buying a...
  4. Basic Help & Repair
    I just picked up my IS about a week ago and the exhaust or something has the horrible whistle when I rev or get on the gas. I don’t have a turbo whistle lol and the whole car is stock. Was wondering if any has the same problem and if any one knew the fix to this problem.
  5. Basic Help & Repair
    Hi, I’ve recently started getting issues with my is300 starting to struggle to pick up speed with the rpm jumping up and down on acceleration, I’ve changed all spark plugs and cleaned the throttle body but it still continues to do it. If anyone knows this issue please let me know, cheers!
  6. General Discussion
    This engine is literally Satan and looks basically brand new. Every part; cams, valves, lifters, VVTi gear, etc. On the way back home a valve or 2 got stuck again. Its a never ending cycle, and I'm sick of this bull####. No codes, no nothing, can't find anything wrong. Purrs like a kitten,and...
  7. Basic Help & Repair
    Hello everyone new here and hope someone can help . On way to work friday morning in is 250 . Put foot down to overtake tractor and at about 6000 rpm there was a horrible grinding sound , dashboard lights came on and engine cut out . Wouldn't restart so rang greenflag . Put on diagnostic and...
  8. General Discussion
    Valves, Lifters, Cams, Hoses, Radiators, Pumps, Headers, Intakes.. etc etc. All have been replaced, Engine is Oil free and could cook a egg on it. New plug wires, New Plugs, New Vacuum hoses, yada yada. As I said in a post a couple months ago, car has had "dodgy" if that term should even be used...
  9. General Discussion
    Well, it took almost 2 years to get another free weekend, but I’ve finally had a chance to do a compression test. When I pulled out the plugs, the first was dry, but the rest had oil in the well and the plugs were dripping in oil. Cylinder 5 was the worst followed by 6 and 4, 3, then 2. The...
  10. Engine

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1-10 of 10 Results