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  1. Swapped IS300, need to reprogram key to new ECU

    General Discussion
    Hey guys! New to the IS community and cars in general so go easy on me. Picking up my first project, a 2001 is300 that was recently swapped to a w58 MT. To my understanding, the car thinks it’s in park and makes the car run poorly with the swap. I picked up a 2jz-ge M/T ecu off facebook...
  2. What happened to the Xcessive panic wire ecu?:(

    General Discussion
    A few months ago i was looking for a ecu to eventually buy for my 02' IS and i found the Xcessive panic wire one and fell in love. It was completely plug and play and had options to keep some oem functionality for a pretty good price. I was finally gonna pull the trigger this month and buy it...
  3. What ECU harness work with an AEM V2 EMS?

    Go Faster
    Hello there, I’ve recently come across my new is300 and I’ve already began the process at turbo charging the car. CX racing kit is on the way as well as some other goodies I will need. Anyways, I bought an AEM V2 ECU off of this guy that was running it in his Non VVTI Supra. The prongs he has...
  4. ECU Relocation/ Wire Tuck / HELP

    General Discussion
    What’s up everyone I’m currently Rebuilding my 03 IS300 again and this time I’m doing everything the way I should have originally have done in the first place. With that I’m converting from Auto to a R154 and will be going with an FFIM and larger turbo this time! After taking the Intake Manifold...