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  1. Basic Help & Repair
    My lexus broke down about a month ago. Took it to the mechanic, at first was the alternator. Replaced it. Car still didn't start. Electrician came by checking all the wirings, scanned the car, found the problem was the ECU. I went to repair my ecu, turns out it had previously been messed with...
  2. Go Faster
    Hey guys. I’d say I’m new here but I’ve been reading through the forums for about a year now but I just made an account since I’d like advice from people in similar situations. I just purchased a turbo kit and am ordering supporting mods, my end goal is ~1000hp but until I get my stock GE fully...
  3. Basic Help & Repair
    Hello! So I recently bought an 01 is300 that came with a 5 speed transmission, I was doing research on it and saw that the 01 is300 did not come in manual transmission. So I saw that when you need to do a manual swap you need to change your wiring harness since the 01 is diff from 02-05, so if...
  4. Altezza Owner's Forum
    Hey folks, I have a 99 automatic altezza modelista that supposedly has a cooked ecu. For the life of me those who ive spoken to or sort help from don't seem to be able to help or know much. Plus getting my hands on the correct ecu to replace it is another story. Currently the car does not want...
  5. Go Fast Stuff
    What’s the better option between the panic made Link G4X and the Ecumasters EMU? There’s other options like Haltech and aem infinity but other people have told me the other two listed above are plug n play
  6. General Discussion
    hello, am new here but have had my 02 cgm car since 2017 and actively building since 2019. long story short, i am need of someone who has access to a manual ecu and is familiar with or willing to let me teach them how to dump the rom. im a dev sorta and so figured id try my best to see if it...
  7. Basic Help & Repair
    I have a replacement ecu from an' 03 (with key and ignition cylinder) my car is '01... Is there any way this can work? The pins don't match but can't it be rewired or something?
  8. Go Fast Stuff
    So I have a 2is which is a 250 m/t and I want to swap a 2gr into it. In theory everything should bolt up and work. However, I am worried about running into ECU trouble and would like to find any standalones that may help me out. One of my worries is going to be rev hanging which automatics tend...
  9. Go Fast Stuff
    has anyone used the hks f-con v pro piggy back? i plan on manual swapping, boosting, and gte converting. any recommendations??
  10. Go Faster
    can i use a piggy back ecu for ge to gte rebuild? for example: swapping the ge intake manifold for gte intake manifold. also am i able to use a piggy back for turbo tuning
  11. Go Fast Stuff
    okay so i have a 2002 is300 that’s mostly stock and i want a stage 1 tune with some burble and pops. i know i can’t plug and play with the ecu but do i need a whole new ecu for dyno tuning as well? or is a standalone ecu the only option for tuning
  12. Go Faster
    What’s up fellas I got a ‘03 is300 and like many I plan to turbo it in the near future, however I own a turbocharged car but I’ve never turboed an na car before so I’m trying to figure out the best route for tuning. Are there any good standalone ECUs out there for under $1k that I can plug in...
  13. Go Faster
    Hi. I'm Daniel, I'm working on an IS300 related project and just wondered... will anybody care? What I'm making is a device that will hook up a standalone ECU (Ecumaster Black in my case) with all the convenient bells and whistles that AFAIK would require a parallel harness and running both...
  14. Altezza Owner's Forum
    Trying to wire in a TACH out of my SXE10 3SGE ECU. To my understanding pin D26 is the TACH output pin. I can put a multimeeter on it, set to AC, and i get a constant 14.4V. When revving the engine I see no change in Voltage. Is the ECU pin dead? Am I missing something?
  15. Altezza Owner's Forum
    Hey all, working to wire up the ECU for a 3SGE out of an Altezza. The ECU number is 89661-53070. Does anyone have a pin/wiring diagram for this? Had little luck searching online.
  16. Basic Help & Repair
    Hello everyone, New to the IS community. I have a 2003 IS300 with auto tranny. I eventually plan on boosting my IS and before I do so, Im gonna need an ECU or EMU. With an auto transmits hard finding what's gonna help me tune properly and keep my engine running efficiently. Can anyone point me...
  17. Basic Help & Repair
    Hoping someone is able to help me with my issue🤞🏻 Recently I manual swapped my Is300 and it turns over but does not start. It gets fuel but no spark, I put brand new coil packs, plug wires and spark plugs. What I have found is that the coil packs aren’t getting power because I tested each...
  18. General Discussion
    I have a 2006 is 250 , manual 6 spd push button start. PROBLEM I LOST MY KEY FOB AND I CANT GET ONE MADE BY ANY LOCKSMITHS SO FAR! OK I've had 3 locksmiths come out and all have left paid for services not rendered. None of them could communicate with the ECU via the obd 2 port all said that it...
  19. Go Faster
    I don’t know much about car computers but I just put the cxracing turbo kit in my Lexus IS300 (2jz-ge) and now I need help tuning it. Can I just tow or drive it to a dyno tuning place and they tune it up and it’s all good or do I have to buy a new ecu, chip, piggyback or something. Sorry if it...
  20. Go Faster
    I want to boost my IS and have seen a bunch of people running the stock ecu. I'm not willing to take the risk I'm too worried about leaning out, and the car will overall be a lot better with a stand alone or piggy back. I don't want to break the bank but I will if I have to. Anyways what is the...
1-20 of 26 Results