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  1. Basic Help & Repair
    Ok I’ve posted about this a few time already and I’m sorry I’m just so confused. my 25 amp EFI fuse blows every time the car is turned on. Leaving me with a crank no start. if I install a 30 amp fuse I can get the car to fire up and run for a few seconds before that 30 amp fuse blows. I’ve...
  2. Basic Help & Repair
    What would be my best option A: buy a replacement try to have it flashed. B: Send off to try to have it repaired C: buy a lot off eBay with ecm ignition and key… if I do choose C what specifically all needs to be replaced..I feel like it’s the cheapest and easiest option but also the most...
  3. Basic Help & Repair
    My 2001 IS 300 has a short in the ecm on the efi circuit…. Blah blah blah hid diagnosed today. my question is it better to… A. Send it off to one of the ecu repair companies. B. Try to buy a ecm off eBay or scrap yard. If I do B what all would I need to buy ? What’s honestly my best option…...
1-3 of 3 Results