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  1. Basic Help & Repair
    All right so I bought my first IS 300 about two months ago since then I’ve replace the radiator, fuel pump and fuel filter! put it on the road drove her for a couple weeks. battery light came on on a Friday got an alternator threw it on when I got off work, (I’m a diesel mechanic) started the...
  2. Starting where He left off..

    108,XXXMiles Was a beautiful car. Custom Rear Modifications done with a Barrier at 70MPH in the Rain.
  3. Sonoma FormulaD 2008

    Discount Tire IS350 Drifting
  4. Sonoma FormulaD 2008

    Discount Tire IS350 drifting
  5. Sonoma FormulaD 2008

    IS350 entering the drift 96mph
  6. Sonoma FormulaD 2008

    Picture from 2008 FormulaD in Sonoma, California.
1-6 of 6 Results