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  1. Basic Help & Repair
    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I'm looking for some help. I can't get the cooling fans to come on on my 2006 IS 250. My A.C also stopped working around the same time this happened. I've checked the thermostat, coolant temperature sensor and the 3 fan relays. They are all good. But when I...
  2. General Discussion
    Having problems with heat during idle, and while checking my reservoir I noticed this hose wasn’t there, is there supposed to be a hose? If so, could I purchase just the hose? Or do I have to buy a new cap with the other hoses?
  3. Basic Help & Repair
    my 2003 Is with the 2JZ is overheating. Just replaced the thermostat. Have done it twice now, put a new one in that had a “fail safe” device to keep it from closing shut. Funnily enough it did open at all in my car (or maybe so I thought) and after doing the Tstat job my car was still over...
  4. General Discussion
    Hello is300 fam, forgive me if this has previously discussed, I searched high and low for an existing discussion on the issue. The "prestone toyota longer life 50/50" mix is much more convenient for me to get my hands on and much more affordable than the toyota made product. Anyone have any...
  5. Basic Help & Repair
    Hi, I have a strange problem. Back in 2016 I removed the engine from my is300 and it has sat there for 3 years, anyway I've put it back in and got it working except there is a problem. Next to the Coolant temp sensor on the side of the head there is another threaded hole that I only noticed when...
1-5 of 5 Results