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  1. Member Sale/Trade
    Swift Springs full set BC Coilovers DS Series Extreme low option w/ 18/k F & 16/k R 2k miles Slightly stiff for my preference, Willing to sell
  2. General Discussion
    Hey guys I have a 2018 Lexus IS 300 and I’m running coil overs, D2 racing is the brand. This is the second time I’m coming across this issue, my ball joint from the upper control arm is loose. I’ve had it replace before with an oem Lexus upper control arm but it gave out again and the bushing...
  3. Stop, Drop and Roll
    Hey everyone, I’ve got an 02 IS300 and my current OEM coilovers are shot. I’m looking into buying the Megan racing EZII Coilovers for my car however for now I want to keep factory ride height. Has anyone else done this? Can these Coilovers even retain factory ride height? Thanks!
  4. Stop, Drop and Roll
    I'm getting some cxracing coil overs in the next couple weeks and am planning on lowering it around 2 inches, will rear toe arms and the Megan rca in the front be enough for the toe to get zeroed out? Camber is not an issue at the moment I will probably get camber arms down the road, but after...
  5. Basic Help & Repair
    What’s up fellas I’ve got a 03 is300 and I threw some coliovers on last night and the bolt that meets the coil over and the lower control arm has fucked up threads. I can’t seem to find a replacement bolt anywhere just wondering if y’all have had the same issue or know a place to find one...
  6. Stop, Drop and Roll
    So, I am planning on getting some coilovers soon and have been doing some research about peoples alignment and bump steer issue and am just going to get the megan rca spacers. I have 166k on the lex and was wondering if i should do any bushing when I'm doing the coilovers or the ball joints...
  7. Stop, Drop and Roll
    I wanna put in stiffer springs on my CXracing coilovers because the car is slammed and the 10kg and 12kg aren't cutting it, anyone know if this is possible or what the spring specs are on these coils like inner diameter and length? Thanks. And no im not buying a set of BC coilovers cause i...
  8. Basic Help & Repair
    So I recently began installing coilovers on my first gen IS300. The front passenger side strut went in fine, but the passenger rear did not line up right. The studs at the top didn't line up with the holes in the chassis. (Pics posted) Need help here guys. Did I install the rear coilover on the...
  9. General Discussion
    So last night I replaced the front shocks with KYB shocks, and both also got the KYB front shock mounts. Everything went seemingly well (after a frustrating 5-6 hours) but as soon as i went out for a drive and came off my driveway onto the street, I noticed a clunk. I cautiously drove around the...
  10. Lexus IS-F by

    Custom Lexus IS-F with 20" wheels and JIC coilovers.
1-10 of 10 Results