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  1. First Gen IS300 Need help with coilovers

    Basic Help & Repair
    So I recently began installing coilovers on my first gen IS300. The front passenger side strut went in fine, but the passenger rear did not line up right. The studs at the top didn't line up with the holes in the chassis. (Pics posted) Need help here guys. Did I install the rear coilover on the...
  2. Rattling After Front Shock Replacement?

    General Discussion
    So last night I replaced the front shocks with KYB shocks, and both also got the KYB front shock mounts. Everything went seemingly well (after a frustrating 5-6 hours) but as soon as i went out for a drive and came off my driveway onto the street, I noticed a clunk. I cautiously drove around the...
  3. Lexus IS-F by

    Lexus IS-F by

    Custom Lexus IS-F with 20" wheels and JIC coilovers.