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  1. Go Fast Stuff
    I'm doing an ar5 swap on my IS and I would really like some input on your experiences with the clutch setup you went with. I spoke with Aaron from driftmotion this morning and that got me rethinking my clutch setup. I was planning on using keeping the factory internal slave setup and using the...
  2. DIY/tutorial forum
    So, about a week or two ago, i decided to pull the trigger on this thing. I know you can just buy a brake junction, but i wanted the piece to look nice in the bay. Now, onto the steps: 1: Leave the stock dampener bolted in place, i learned that mistake the hard way. 2. Get some Plastic Wrap...
  3. Basic Help & Repair
    So I just did the w58 clutch and flywheel swap on my 03 factory manual because the dual mass was about toast and I am having an issue with a dead zone in the clutch pedal as well as the release bearing rubbing on the pressure plate fins, found out about that part after some quick research. I've...
1-3 of 3 Results