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  1. Go Fast Stuff
    Currently I have an hks hi power on the car along with a ultra quiet vibrant resonator, right now I have nearly zero drone but I want the car louder. I feel like how it is now is alright and definitely a couple of steps up from stock but I just want a tad bit more without being too obnoxious. So...
  2. Go Fast Stuff
    Hello I’m really new to the car scene, and I had a question I just bought an is300 and I came with headers and I was wondering what I need to install them ? Assuming I can’t just bolt them on. I have a 2001 btw
  3. Go Fast Stuff
    So after installing Catless Headers i was wondering if a tune is required after to make the car run better or get rid of the check engine light? just wanting to know before i go catless with DNA Catless headers with a megan Racing Y pipe.
  4. General Discussion
    i recently got my is300 and want to hollow out 1 out of the three catalytic converters. will i be able to pass emissions during smog in california?
1-4 of 4 Results