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  1. Member Build Threads - Lexus IS only
    Good evening folks, I figured I may as well make a build thread for my 2004 SD. Attached is a picture of the first day of owning the car. I'll try to update the thread as much as possible, but no promises.
  2. Member Build Threads - Lexus IS only
    Timeline so far: 2019: Got the car. Low, intake, exhaust, wheels, eventually did 264 cams and a cam gear. 2020: Turbo IS300 GReddy EMU. stock piston ringlands started to crack 2021: Turbo IS300 ECUMasters EMU Black. rebuilt with 9:1 pistons, TT headgasket, H beams, new bearings, stock main bolts...
1-2 of 2 Results