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  1. Go Faster
    Hello guys - First of all thank you for having a great forum where we can all learn the best way to mod our cars as we love Lexus/Toyota! I have been reading these forums for a long time and finally decided to make my first post and ask for some advice here on my project car. I have a 2005...
  2. Go Faster
    I’m very new here and I just bought a 2005 Is300 GE and I want to turbo it. I have absolutely no clue where to start or what I need. Any kits that are good? Also, would I need a new ECU or a tune? Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Go Faster
    Ok, I have gotten all my maintenance done and I want to go NA-T i was thinking gte internals for the lower compression and the stronger rods, here's my only question. Where can I buy them? I've seen lots of used sets on eBay but is there anywhere to buy them new besides Toyota? Would It be ok to...
  4. Go Faster
    I want to boost my IS and have seen a bunch of people running the stock ecu. I'm not willing to take the risk I'm too worried about leaning out, and the car will overall be a lot better with a stand alone or piggy back. I don't want to break the bank but I will if I have to. Anyways what is the...
  5. Go Fast Stuff
    Hey everyone. I’ve got a 03 is300 that I’ve been pondering at boosting/ swapping. Obviously it’s got the stock 2jz Ge and I’m thinking of swapping in a 1jz I just can’t decide non vvti or vvti. I’m trying to do it with the least amount of headaches as possible/ most cost effective. Right now...
  6. Basic Help & Repair
    Hey Guys. Really need some help. My Aristo Swap 2jz gte twin turbo IS300 had 3 inch straight pipe with catback at 14.5 PSI. Unfortunately, I had to change my exhaust to 2.5 inch with filters due to law issues and I saw the PSI drop to 7 PSI and I have lost significant power. Is there anyway to...
1-6 of 6 Results