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  1. MS 2003 PEARL WHITE 142,978

    Cars for Sale
    Whats up guy!! Had this car for about 17 years now but unfortunately I don’t have the time to drive it anymore. Trying to see how much i can sell it for. I have a few offer already. It runs smooth but it is showing its age. The leather seat are tears, rims are peeling, some dents, some...
  2. FS: Ascura Garage Riot V2 over fenders full set for 01-05 Lexus IS300 $550

    Member Sale/Trade
    I have a brand new full set of Ascura Garage V2 over fenders for the 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005 Lexus IS300. I’ve never taken the fenders out of the box and remain unmounted and uncut. These are not eBay reps, these are the actual over fenders made by Ascura Garage. Fronts are +45 and...
  3. Suspension issue

    General Discussion
    Having some suspension issues on the left front of my 01 is300. Read a few thing stating it might either be the lower control arms or the struts. Anyone have an thoughts or information regarding this. It would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. IS300 parts vs AS300 parts (Altezza Gita)

    General Discussion
    (ive asked this somewhere else before but looking for more opinions/answers) Currently have a stock Toyota Altezza Gita (2JZ VVTi), and here in NZ it's not the easiest place to find parts for a 2J altezza, as most have the beams or 3sge, but the US market has a ton of is300 parts online. What...
  5. HOW TO: Install Altezza front fenders on an IS300

    Basic Help & Repair
    IS300 fenders are different from Altezza fenders, they have different bracket locations for the headlight housing,in addition to the signal light hole. In order to fit an IS300 headlight onto an Altezza front fender, these brackets need to be modified. If you are confident with...
  6. gggg

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  7. Front Shot

    Front Shot

    Crappy pic, wald lip, altezza grill, eyelids and fiberglassed nav housing
  8. altezza


  9. altezza 3s-ge vvti   k3t

    altezza 3s-ge vvti k3t

    k3t 3070
  10. Rollin...


    02 MSM Sportcross Lowered with Sedan Springs.
  11. Altezza Guage

    Altezza Guage

    Custom Guage
  12. Toyota Altezza

    Toyota Altezza