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  1. Where to buy headers for a RHD 2JZ tezza?

    Go Fast Stuff
    found out that the USDM is300 headers would interfer with the steering column, so now im stuck on finding where i can grab headers that will fit, as 99% of the aftermarket parts come from the US
  2. Lowering springs for wagon, ideal height drop?

    Stop, Drop and Roll
    Looking to get lowering springs for my gita wagon. So I use my car for large loads sometimes for the business, and have a full car with luggage sometimes, as I’m the only one with space out of my mates. Question is, how much of a drop can I take before I run into issues if taking heavy loads...
  3. Sportcross Unicorn Items

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    I'm in the market for some items that is specific to the Sportcross/Altezza Gita. 1. JDM Front Bumper Lip 2. Mud Guards (full set) 3. Altezza Window Visors (full set) I figured I'd try here first before I start sourcing out of the U.S. Hopefully you guys are still out there. Let me know!