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  1. General Discussion
    Hey guys, was going about replacing the front pump bushing in my a650e. It seems where the bushing was originally is damaged and only contacts about 1/3 of the bushing, making me think it will walk out again. I was wondering if the a340e pump would fit and work in the a650e since I have one...
  2. Old All Together Now - Archive
    Looking to swap out the stock 4 spd A47de transmission in my 1gfe Is200. I’m wondering if I can swap it with a built A650e or if the A650e will even fit or if it’s compatible with my 1gfe engine. Looking to stay automatic not looking to do a manual swap at the moment.
  3. Go Faster
    Hi, I am thinking about going NA-T in my is300. Its a 02' automatic with the e-shift. Not looking to make huge power, maybe low 300s? That's what I heard the A650e could hold safely. But at low boost should I get bigger injectors/fuelpump, and standalone, stock, or piggyback? besides that I...
1-3 of 3 Results