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  1. Help with fuel pump on 03 is300

    General Discussion
    So i bought a fuel pump and it didnt come with these pieces i was gonna use the old ones but when i took the old pump of they got broke. Please help
  2. Where to buy headers for a RHD 2JZ tezza?

    Go Fast Stuff
    found out that the USDM is300 headers would interfer with the steering column, so now im stuck on finding where i can grab headers that will fit, as 99% of the aftermarket parts come from the US
  3. 2jz-GE VVTI timIng HELP

    General Discussion
    Hey guys. Mad respect first of all i and Doing a whole deal and gasket change out on the02 is3 and Mayhave messed up timing other than lining up crank to tdc and both cams to tdc do i need To know anything elseto CORRECTLY time my GE before i close Up everything? All the vid about how...

    Member Sale/Trade
    I have a bunch of parts for a 2JZ-GE, more than whats in the pictures, i need them gone, shoot me a price and cover shipping and its all yours, they are off of a gs300 2JZ that had 95,000 miles INTAKE PIECES SOLD There are other parts too but this forum will only let me post 10 pics. Just...