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  1. Go Faster
    Does anyone run the PNP offered for the IS300, I'm looking into it and only have found a few threads on it not going into much detail. When running this do you keep the MAF and it just sits there as a placeholder while MAP and IAT take care of it? Along with the Auto transmission plugs, and...
  2. Go Faster
    Recently I picked up a junkyard GE for my IS300 that I'm going to be building for boost. I have torn most of it down and everything has looked amazing. I'm going to order my pistons in a week or so and get ready to hit the machine shop. I was getting ready to tear apart the head and I decided to...
  3. General Discussion
    Looking to go for a new set of headers. Now from my research the port size on the head is about 1.4 inch. Are the stock headers the same diameter and if so should I get headers that have a inlet of 1.5 with a exit of 2 inch? Or should I go bigger. Any info would be good. I plan to keep the car...
  4. 20220430_154154.jpg

    not getting any work done taking pictures and posting on the web, lol.
  5. Go Faster
    I just got these injectors in the mail and they were fitting too loosely so I ordered the radium injector seats for the 2jzge and it feels like the O-ring is too big and having fitment issues anyone running that on their set up and willing to let me know how they made it work and what O-ring...
  6. General Discussion
    I recently bought a black 2001 is300 and have started to fix some of the issues that it has. This car has gone through a lot of peoples hands before me and definitely has its issues. The biggest one I'm currently facing is the car is running 38% lean on long FT bank 1 and 2 and they consistently...
  7. Go Faster
    can i use a piggy back ecu for ge to gte rebuild? for example: swapping the ge intake manifold for gte intake manifold. also am i able to use a piggy back for turbo tuning
  8. Basic Help & Repair
    Replaced all coil packs connectors value cover gaskets spark plugs & wires intermittent misfires that have how became consistent does not misfire sitting still or revving only driving & not all the time I suspected 1st the connectors so I had taken it apart checked the clips since all of them...
  9. General Discussion
    Does the W56 W57 and W58 fit the 2JZGE ? Which ones are relatively cheaper and can handle good hp and torque? Is J160 a good option for 400whp IS300 Are there any other alternatives, I heard a lot about R154 and V160. Thanks in advance.
  10. Go Fast Stuff
    Hi, Would anyone be kind enough to measure the distance between the 2JZ GE manifold pipes for me? I want to put it on a 1G-FE with a flange change. Best regards, Donát
  11. Go Faster
    Bought myself the CX racing full NA-T kit. Am in the middle of putting it together right now. Have come across several issues, my biggest being I am missing some key hardware. I am missing the turbo to exhaust manifold bolts. I’m guessing they are Grade 8, but I need to know the thread size...
  12. Basic Help & Repair
    Hi I own a 1999 GS300 and I need to change the harmonic balancer. Do I need to adjust the timing after doing so? I've seen mixed reports on it. The old balancer and the new balancer both have lines on them so I'm assuming it's for timing
  13. Basic Help & Repair
    Hey guys I just purchased an 03 is300 factory 5speed and I’ve been having issues with it in limp mode. Trac off flashes every 3 seconds or so, no check engine light but when I went to check for codes I had P2102. Throttle Actuator Control Motor Circuit Low. I’ve been suspecting the throttle...
  14. General Discussion
    I have a 03 is300 with 166k on it and i bought it and the guy had replaced the headgasket and timed it just didn't put the radiator back in and stuff like that. Well i got it and i wanted to do a compression test and im not getting any at all i have all the other gaskets and stuff from the head...
  15. Go Faster
    Hey guys. Because my old motor is wrecked (dumb timing mistake by me) i selled it and now im looking on a 2JZ-GE NON VVTI out of a 93' Supra. Im buying everything except Intercooler and Downpipe in a set from a friend. Im getting the 93' Supra ECU, Wiring harness, engine with 148k kilometres...
1-15 of 16 Results