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  1. Go Faster
    Just got my rotating assembly together on my GE VVTI, Manley rods, pistons, ACL race bearings etc. Long story short I was putting in my pistons and aligned my rings according to Manley's recommendations. What I didn't see was the location for the oil ring expander (the spring between the oil...
  2. Go Faster
    Recently I picked up a junkyard GE for my IS300 that I'm going to be building for boost. I have torn most of it down and everything has looked amazing. I'm going to order my pistons in a week or so and get ready to hit the machine shop. I was getting ready to tear apart the head and I decided to...
  3. Go Faster
    Here's a couple shots from my current build. Stock crank, everything else is fully built. I tried some of that wrinkle black paint on the covers, I like how it came out. Yeah I used the damaged oil cap to prevent overspray, ordered a new one. Delete or move if I'm off topic.
  4. Go Faster
    I know you guys are sick and tired of answering these posts, but here I am because I'm not sure what to do. I am planning on using OEM GTE parts in my GE engine, but have a few questions. 1st, where is a good place to find OEM GTE pistons/connecting rods? I've seen some of Fb marketplace but I...
  5. General Discussion
    Hi all, I've got a 2004 IS300 and I'm actively in search of engine components. The goal is boosted 450whp. My question, for those who have the experience, is what would you recommend for this power level; GTE/ non-vvti rods, or aftermarket equivalent (BC, Carrillo etc...)
1-5 of 6 Results