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2001 is 300
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  1. Basic Help & Repair
    Hello i have a 2001 lexus is300 and the belt is squeaking it normally does it when i run the ac or use too much power steering say when i turn the wheel all the way itll squeak ive changed the automatic tensioner but since ive done that the belt is now looser and squeaks for a bit on startup...
  2. General Discussion
    I bought a used 2001 is300 a couple years ago. One of the headlights finally went and I was wondering how I can go about putting in LED bulbs and what kind works. I am trying to look for bulbs that are white with a tint of blue light. The lights on my car might already be led converted but I’m...
  3. General Discussion
    Hey guys! New to the IS community and cars in general so go easy on me. Picking up my first project, a 2001 is300 that was recently swapped to a w58 MT. To my understanding, the car thinks it’s in park and makes the car run poorly with the swap. I picked up a 2jz-ge M/T ecu off facebook...
  4. General Discussion
    Just wonder if anyone has a 01 is300 with a 1jz from a jzs171 just need a little help with the wiring I heard it’s a plug and play but just gotta provide power to some wires can someone educate me....
  5. Mobiletronics
    New to the lexus scene an i was wondering if i change my stock (01 iS300) steering wheel to an aftermarket one, can i keep my eshift if the aftermarket steering wheel has buttons?
  6. TonED's 2001 is300

    onyx outside, black inside, no mods yet. K&N filter.
1-6 of 6 Results