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  1. Go Faster
    I'm coming from the Skyline community and I'm not too familiar with the IS300 chassis at all. I've been looking around at a few different resources and I'm sure I can figure out the minor details. I just wanted opinions on what I should be looking for as a starting point to achieve my end goal...
  2. Go Faster
    Hey all, So in a slight pickle at the moment. I have a 2003 IS300 auto, just put a 1jz-gte VVTi (JZS171) in, sent it to a shop to finish the wiring, but they are hesitant to work on it because they've never done a swap that retained the auto, and are pushing me to a manual swap. I've google'd...
  3. Go Faster
    Hello! Been lurking for a few years and finally have the resources and space to do something major to the Lexus. So I have a 1JZ from a JZS171, I plan to swap that and a r154 into my 02 manual. I have plenty of info of getting it into the car and making it all mechanically work. The issue I'm...
  4. Showroom
    I just recently got my 2001 is300 1jz Vvti up and running but I have no headlights or radiator fans. I had the radiator fans hardwired to the ignition so they should come on right away. any help would be greatly appreciated thank you
  5. General Discussion
    So I was wondering if I was to do a 1jz or 2jzgte swap, could I just have the normal wiring harness plug into a stand alone ecu and program that ecu to start up the car via a push button start? Or would I still need the immobilizer?
1-5 of 5 Results