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124 Coupe
Brick Red
My 2nd car. Bought in 1984 when I was 19. Boy did they see me coming. . . .What a heap this thing was when I bought it.
Being a stubborn b__stard though; I wasn't going to let the fact it was a basket-case beat me. . .

I never cut out rust; I sourced OEM / NOS panels & unstitched bad metal at factory seams. (I spent more on this car 20 years ago than I have on the IS300 - I still can't believe it.. .

My father hated this car with a passion. He never once accepted a lift / got in - this car. He says it's why I now live in an Apartment & not a house. He's probably right. . .

Panels replaced with NOS parts included;
- LH & RH Rear 1/4s
- LH & RH Rear Inner Guards
- Rear 1/4 floors
- Front Scuttle
- LH & RH chassis Rails
- LHS A-Pillar
- Other stuff I can't remember. . .

I kept it for 10 years & for what it's worth (I can't say exactly as I was too scared to add up all the bills); when I sold it it was better than showroom - one of the best in the country even if I do say so myself. . .
1974 FIAT 124 Coupe (Brick Red)


Mostly* factory spec (including that crappy carburretor); but I did have the engine & driveline balanced / blue-printed. Had its good & bad moods tune-wise but on it's good days an absolute blast to drive; that twin cam ran to 8000 at the drop of a hat.
* Magnetti Marelli Electronic Ignition
Abarth pattern headers & ANSA Twin Pipe.
Retrimmed as faithfully as possible to original - which was; bone coloured vinyl / cloth faced seats < pattern was small red diamonds on beige cloth - really nice >.
Dashboard, Console re-skinned @ original. New Carpets & Headlining. All weathershiels / rubbers renewed.
Basically left standard aprt from removing the chrome trim on the sill and painting the sill body colour - I feel it cleaned up the look of the car considerably.

Such a classic shape; never got sick of looking at it. . .
Nothing worth mentioning; I spent my time driving with the window open so I could hear the exhaust note bouncing off the scenery. . .
Lowered springs; urethane bushings. Adjustable sway bar at the rear. Koni-Sports.
Wheel and Tire
Originally came with bone stock steel wheels & hupcaps.
Uprated to Factory Option 5.5X13" Cromodora CD.11 Rims
Then managed to get my hands on a set of 6X13'' Cromodora CD? (@39's but with a centre-boss) Rims.
Final wheels (no remaining photos) were rare boss-less/ competition type Cromodora CD39's; which really toughened up the car's looks.

Call me a glutton for punishment but if I found myself with a lot of time (and money) on my hands (AND if restoration parts miraculously re-appeared) I'd like to restore another 124 Coupe.

I can see it now - a 16-Valve Fuel-injected Mustard Yellow / French Blue "72 BC riding on a set of 15x7" Cromodora CD68's (OEM fitment on 131 Abarth). . . . Or for a more contemporary look; White duco riding on gunmetal finish CD68's.



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