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General Information

- Alexis (Slurred the name every time I said what car I had, "a Lexus")
- 2001 (Says 2000/06 tho)
- Lexus
- IS300
- Auburn Sky Pearl
- Standard
- Originally owned by a girl or something and had papers from factory with it. 2nd owner was a Criminal, and had several felony's including possession of guns, the car was in a 25mph highway wreak in the front, driver was in possession of weed/drugs.
I'm 3rd owner or something like that.
Files are too damn large, will upload later. """""" Updates will say "Update #1 etc.." and what its about, with the new pics below the update text """"""

Update 1# (November 12/2019) Did the front lights, and fogs (but not in picture) also did Grill and Antenna to the normal 16" cause I like it better.
I don't really think I like the Altezza grill though, it's just weird looking. I wanna keep the car as the stock color, so I'm gonna need to repaint the whole thing.
I can't really think of anything else that looks good on this car, besides some more mods?

Update 2# (November 27/2019) Stripped and headed to Orlando for a black interior :whistle: Guy was super nice and has a Gita / Sport Wagon. Calls himself the GS300 Guru lol. (Sorry for crappy pictures, will try better next time) ( also if you want Tan pm me, I'm in the Space Coast area, also cleaned the mats to brand new)

Update 3# (December 5/2019) Finished when I got back from my cruise. Before I went any further with carpet or headliner or installation, Whole car, the Whole Boi was sucked clean. I proceed to wipe it all down, getting rid of every speck of dirt! I contemplated Buffing and Polishing the Inside of the car. Also I sealed any whole or crack I could see. Sound deadening isn't from me. I put the carpet in, vacuumed it, and then everything came along. Just waiting to get one of the Pillar and Sunroof Slide (grey), also the black lock actuators. ENJOY! (I also took better pictures this time, messing with the settings)

"That Orange and Black combo"
View attachment 133757

Update 4# (February 23/2020) Getting fixed. Problems that were wrong with it. Prepare Yo Self: Mismatched spark plugs, all fouled by oil, 3 of the 6 where finger loose, the other were hand lose (Lol). Fuel Injectors had bad seals, fuel was constantly puddling. Bad oil pan, bad strainer, over 8 hours of de-greasing. Half a bolt stud was missing in the block. Missing header bolts. Broken exhaust Y-pipe. and a bunch of other things. Bad ventilation hose with a screw in it, bad alot of things. Timing was advanced by +10 through all of this, I'm surprised I still had a running car.

  • Pros: Will Update

  • Is a Lexus
  • Is Black Interior
  • Handling is good
  • Fastest Boi in the hood
  • So comfortable, and stock radio
  • No stains or tears very immaculate
  • No more oil smell
  • fixed alot

  • Cons: Will Update

  • Clear coat of a preschooler
  • No turbo...
  • I blew out the rear deck.. :]

  • Summary:
- 11/10


- I forget what drivetrain means? Stock driveshaft, stock diff? Stock.
- The usual Black on Charcoal Grey
- "The rare ASP color" Honestly when I first saw the car while looking for a IS300 as a first car, I found it on Craigslist and didn't really think of it looking too good, but I was desperate. Couple days later, that night we bought it. I didn't know what to think of it. Later the next morning I changed my mind in the sun this color pops especially living in Florida. I will respray what is not damaged when the time comes. I really want a factory looking paint. The door sills in my car are killer!
- Stock fronts, and stock rear deck. Well broken rear deck, I rattled the voice coils off the leads. But the magnet size compared to the Toyota counter part is big. I love how they sound, well did. The fronts hold for now.
- Led inside, that I'm gonna have to tint, I'm not a big fan of blueish leds. Both fogs are working now, Cleaned up headlights (and fog lights), and power of the sun.
- Longtube headers (no cats), (fixed) broken midpipe, (no cat) res, stock axle muffler off center (Fixed centering of muffler).
- Some weird "tocokio?" shocks?. Stock Springs. Rides with 3 inches all around. It could be worse, it sits nice right now.
Wheel and Tire
- Stock 17in all around Machined Alloy Finish. Front 225/45, Rear 245/40. Left side of the cars wheels have clear chipping, but the right side look brand new :/



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It won't be getting done anytime soon. I have 9 cars to still worry about, so it will sit for awhile more. Only get money when I make any from parts I sell or help others atm. More interested in my Audis than my Lexus. Lexus being the one that has consumed more MONEY than buying and fixing multiple 2000s era Audis. I notice that the IS300 community is dwarfed by the B5 community. So I usually take nothing from them other than things I need for myself, just a general consensus from the groups I'm in don't value cleanliness and quality as much, as the specific Audis I deal with.