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Corolla FX-GT
White + Blue/Grey interior
Originally a Japanese market car. Imported car myself. Purchased Dec. 24 2012. (guess you could say it was a Christmas present to myself).
Body OK; a couple of rust issues needed addressing + radiator support member buckled & needed replacing. Interior was fantastic - I think this is why I bought the car (apart from its novelty value (AUS never got the 3-door Coroola GTs OR the AE92 Corolla Coupes).
Have basically overhauled everything mechanical.
1988 Toyota Corolla FX-GT (White + Blue/Grey interior)


Rebuilt BigPort 4AGE; stock bottom end with shaved head ported for T3 inlet Manifold & FGK AE111/20V Headers.
Cam are TOMEI 264 PonCams with uprated Valve springs.
Induction is AE101 Quad Throttle Bodies with Modified OEM Plenum running to AE92 AirBox.
(Soon to be replaced with pattern TOMs Super Air Intake running Apexi Power Intake).
Custom Vacuum layout consisting of modified OEM Fuel rail as main collector for P/Steer, AirCon, etc) with T3 piggyback collector for MAP+Dashpot).
Fuel delivery via OEM fuel rail running Denso 250cc Pink Injectors.
Ignition via Yaris COPs & 4AGZE CAS.
Not lighning quick. Engine puts out ~ 87FWKW but I wanted to keep OEM look AND love the sound of a 16V running Quads so retained original BigPort.
Fujitsobo Legalis CatBack (modified AE92 Sprinter unit).
AE111 Levin 5 Speed Box w/ Factory LSD
AE111 Levin Starter Motor
AE111 Levin Steering Rack & Pump
Changed door cards to later type with (much nicer looking & more ergonomic) integral door-pull handles incorporating power window switches).
Apart from that all standard - car still has OEM - 2tone Red / Burgundy floor mats. They look kinda girly but I'm a sucker for OEM. . .
Car looked great in OEM form so only change I made was to fit a front lip off a Renault Laguna (saw this done in the UK and I liked the look).
Kept original JDM head-unit but wired in a Frequency Jumper as our Radio frequencies are different to Japan. I all honesty this is only partly effective; still can't get 50% of stations. . but I rarely use Radio so can't be assed changing it.
Focal Speakers & under-seat mounted subwoofer.
Whiteline Camberkit + Sway Bars.
Custom made K-Mac spherical Strut-tops
Koni-Sport Dampers/shocks.
Super-Pro Bushings on rear transverse arms
Ultra-racing 4 point under-brace + 3-point Fender Braces + Whiteline rear Strut Brace.
Soon to come: Fortune Coilovers.
AE111 Levin 2 Piston Calipers & Rotors - Front
AE101 Calipers & Rotors - Rear
Wheel and Tire
15x7 SSR Type-F
Bridgestone RE-01R's



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