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  1. What Is This Hood?

    Hard to find. Is it custom? Kinda reminds me of a rhino style. Also. What kinda wheels are those?
  2. FS NorCal: Black front seats, dash storage box, black floor mats

    Member Sale/Trade
    Lives in Florida..... ("f***...")
  3. IL: Megan Racing Exhaust w/Header

    Member Sale/Trade
  4. ALL: BS Thread - - Slight NWS.

    ..... go to bed thread it's not time to awaken.
  5. What does IS, LS, GS, RX, SC, ES means ?

    General Discussion
    In Florida we call it "Laser ****ing Alligator"
  6. horrible traction. normal?

    Stop, Drop and Roll
    I can get a OBD-ll reader, it's at my dad's work, he's changing jobs and stuff cause GM is being weird. I'll have him look at it when we change the oil pan and stuff. He is a technician so I don't wanna screw stuff up.
  7. horrible traction. normal?

    Stop, Drop and Roll
    I haven't done any OBD-ll scans lol. SInce I have gotten the car, I have not checked for codes, soo yeah. Wait, TPS? Throttle Position Sensor? If I did the spacer for the pedal, do I have to do anything else?
  8. horrible traction. normal?

    Stop, Drop and Roll
    My traction is off, so its always flashing. Button does not work, so I just unplugged it and then went to the dash and took out the bulb. I live in Florida, and the road by me I use most of the time has nice big, open intersection, so with it not raining and only being wet...... worst idea...
  9. How lucky are you?

    The Parking Lot
    Lucky in life. Lucky to have what I wanted. Only because I wanted it. So I made it happen and do what was required.
  10. The Slammed / Aggressive **WHEEL FITMENT** thread

    Wheels and Tires
    Is that the clinched kit?
  11. Which model year and trim did they have the silver instrument cluster background and the black instrument cluster background?

    General Discussion
    I love the orange lights. But don't get any after market LED Orange lights, oh boi they are piece of ####. Make sure to get the Incandescent lights, they are much brighter. Also I like the orange too.
  12. FUEL PUMP is dying on me at 75 MPH but what pump to choose???

    General Discussion
    How would you know if the regulator is doing it's job? Cause before I bought it, dude said he changed it. Should I assume its aftermarket 255 based on how cheap you can get them? I doubt it's OEM, judging by what he had in parts.
  13. My first Is300

    General Discussion
    I plan on keeping mine too. Even if I never drive it again (probably will drive it tho)
  14. Light Bulbs, Non-sense

    Well for anyone's future reference. Don't buy the 4 Star-SMT Amber LEDs. The Amber is just as bright at the last ones. I was expecting brighter. I think the Stock ones actually looked better. I'll take photos tomorrow after it's dark. I may just do some left over 5050 led waterproof strips (the...
  15. Light Bulbs, Non-sense

    What is with the confusing light bulbs for the gear selector? and side marker lights. Every single thread, is not specific enough, and just irreverent numbers that keep misleading me 194, 24 is gear, wait noo no 74.. like the heck make up your mind. autolumination of course
  16. My first Is300

    General Discussion
    Ok, I'll need to get one first. I'm sure my dad can do it at the dealership.
  17. My first Is300

    General Discussion
    I don't plan on drifting the car. Also I want the car to stay auto, so i might just end up buying a rear diff for it later on, no problem tho. Welding it would also be free for me.
  18. My first Is300

    General Discussion
    Would it be possible to just take internals from Auto LSD from 01' and swap them into mine.
  19. My first Is300

    General Discussion
    Yeah, I don't know what my rear gears are. I'll need to look.
1-20 of 27 Results