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  1. horrible traction. normal?

    Stop, Drop and Roll
    Getting a used LSD pumpkin is fairly affordable. I have an 05 5-speed, so obviously, no LSD. Had an auto LSD with 3.93 gears put in, and was one of my best mods. Just out of curiosity, are you driving with ECT on, and TRAC on?
  2. Yet Another Timing Belt Thread, Old Parts?

    General Discussion
    Bad things can happen when those things go
  3. Car Drives Horrible

    General Discussion
    Thank you for the public safety announcement.............and thank you for butchering my native tongue! He said over 60, that doesnt me he is "speeding" (not over-speed).
  4. Clutch Grabbing Point

    Basic Help & Repair
    ^ ?
  5. Clutch Grabbing Point

    Basic Help & Repair
    I was not speaing to the pedal, just the clutch. If the flywheel is shot, pretty sure the clutch is too. Still need to look at the slave cylinder.
  6. I need an engine for my IS300. Is it worth it?

    Basic Help & Repair
    Jennie, call Steve Larkin at Luxury Motor Works in Monrovia. Phone (626) 325-0885. In some form he can help. I drive a little over 30miles (1 way) to have him work on my cars. Trust him completely. He has customers in the position of do I or dont I all the time. His specialty is...
  7. Is300 dash and windows stopped working

    Basic Help & Repair
    Arent there some relays in there?
  8. Do I need a strut bar on my car if I like to do fast cornering in the city?

    General Discussion
    That kind of damage I do not think could happen just from spirited driving. Id like to see the underside.
  9. What would it take to install heated seats in my 01?

    General Discussion
    Id go for cooled seats if it was possible :(
  10. Replace Head Gasket or 2j swap

    General Discussion
    Im not trying to be a jerk, I just want to offer advice. I have been around cars all my life, there are plenty of things I know, and plenty I dont. So please dont think Im being a wanker. Ive had a not so different experience, well sorta. Do you live in So Cal by chance (really hope so -...
  11. Do I need a strut bar on my car if I like to do fast cornering in the city?

    General Discussion
    Bars are to stiffen. If you are worried about chassis damage, not gonna happen, or quit thinking you Al Unser.
  12. Suggested IS300 mods?

    General Discussion
    You loose power with traction control when the wheels get ;loose - nuts to that! I say K&N FIPK or straight hose from TB to airbox and Blitz or K&N drop in air filter. Aftermarket exhaust. Then go from there.
  13. No Cats, One Res, Stock Muffler.

    Go Fast Stuff
    avoid flowmasters - very loud
  14. Donuts

    DIY/tutorial forum
    Its not a donut DIY, its a how to wear out your high performance summer tires in nothing flat DIY video. When I was young, burning out, smoke, etc., was cool. As I got older, high speed rated tires and LSD were much more cool. Not breaking out the rear end under spirited driving is cool...
  15. Is 300/Altezza badge trunk placement

    General Discussion
    got a spoiler?
  16. NEED TIRES 215/45R17 Any suggestions?!? for "spirited driving"

    General Discussion
    You can, but you run into rotation issues, and wear issues. Considerations is the tread directional if you remove tires and switch wheels, tires can stretch a bit camber wears out inner edge of rear tires, so depending, you could wear both edges of the tire quicker the 215/50 is only taller...
  17. NEED TIRES 215/45R17 Any suggestions?!? for "spirited driving"

    General Discussion
    Size wise or tire maker/tread design?
  18. NewTires

    General Discussion
    This counts if your tires are worn down: If you have a higher rated speed tire, which equals a softer rubber compound, they will wear quicker. Drive in a spirited manner, they go quicker. The 1Gen IS300 has a nice camber in back that causes inside tire wear to increase,,,,,,but thats part of...
  19. 2001 lexus is300 timing belt

    General Discussion
    good time to do a adjustable cam gear
  20. So I like diffusers, but am I too plain?

    I do like those. What skirts would be good?
1-20 of 162 Results