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  1. So you sticky a topic, and then lock it? What if more or new info comes out?

    Go Fast Stuff
    I am sure it is comparable. Considering Flowmaster does not make the converters they use. The tube size is the same. As far as design. The Magnaflow is a much nicer setup. I would bet the converters are better also. They even make a matching down-pipe.
  2. Donuts

    DIY/tutorial forum
    Wrong section for this. Your disregard for the forum rules is getting old.
  3. So you sticky a topic, and then lock it? What if more or new info comes out?

    Go Fast Stuff
    I can tell you. No one has done any flow or HP numbers on them. People have bought and talked about the fit and quality. But that is it. I have done one for a friend on his car. What are you wanting to know?
  4. Questions about R154 swap with 1JZGTE

    General Discussion
    I would do a T56. You will have no issues and you can pound on it a bit more than the others.
  5. 2001 is300 auto from vvti to non vvti help!!!

    Go Fast Stuff
    What is up with the dog hijacking the tread?;)
  6. So you sticky a topic, and then lock it? What if more or new info comes out?

    Go Fast Stuff
    Which are you referring to? Also what update.
  7. Reviews on "Revised" Mishimoto Radiators?

    General Discussion
    I have done a few Ebay ones and had no trouble with any of them.
  8. Dont know where this plug goes

    General Discussion
    Look in the factory service manual online. It has a location chart and diagrams.
  9. IS200 J160 gearbox issue

    General Discussion
    I do not think heat is the issue. Does the tranny whine any? Or vibrate when in use?
  10. ~Official~ IS300 INTAKE THREAD

    Go Fast Stuff
    If what is possible?
  11. 02 IS300 Intermittent Misfire Only When Fans Come on

    Basic Help & Repair
    Stupid question. Your battery posts or terminals are not touching the hood are they?
  12. Drove too the 1/8 mile track and raced my 2001 is300

    Race Related
    What rear gear are you running? Any stall or trans-brake?
  13. Guy hit me from behind while I was parked, estimates?

    General Discussion
    Are they sourcing new or used? Are they repairing parts or replacing? Also depending on what they are using. It will effect labor time.
  14. IS200 J160 gearbox issue

    General Discussion
    Let's start from the beginning. Make a list of all the new parts you have done and what exactly it is doing.
  15. CRAZY Screeching sound! Solved = Harmonic Balancer

    General Discussion
    $368 at Summit Racing. Much better part. Plus will not have any rubber to go bad. Even if soaked in oil or solvent.
  16. What Aftermarket screen will fit 7inch Navigation GPS Housing without mods ?

    No, The entire harness was different. You would need to patch one in after taking out of another car. Much better to go aftermarket head unit with it.
  17. 02 Simulator

    Go Fast Stuff
    Karl Long on Facebook makes one.
  18. High Mileage Road Course Build Log

    General Discussion
    jtbask11 That is a bit off. It may not give you a bunch of power. But it does help. It just may not be worth it to you or your level of performance you like.
  19. IS200 J160 gearbox issue

    General Discussion
    Fluids need to be changed regularly. By the time you see an issue. It may to late.
  20. Help make my youtube great 😁🔰🔰

    New Member Introductions
    This is starting to get old. Posting for your channel all the time. You already did an intro. This is getting to be like a spammer.
1-20 of 200 Results