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  1. Guy hit me from behind while I was parked, estimates?

    General Discussion
    In my case, it WAS the other guy's insurance. The guy rear-ended me. So his insurance was working with me already, so we worked through the options, and they were very nice. They should be able to work with you, especially if it saves them money. I think the only way to get that rear metal...
  2. Need opinions Eibach/Koni STR.T spring seat

    Stop, Drop and Roll
    At least you figured it out lol, thanks for updating in case someone else does the same thing
  3. Is there a way to revitalize a worn steering wheel?

    General Discussion
    Yeah it seems like an easy option. Though what I did (more for fun) was someone on Club Lexus was offering a service where he sends you a newly-wrapped wheel (I got mine with blue stitching) and you send yours back. I think it was like $200
  4. My IS Build Thread

    Member Build Threads - Lexus IS only
    wow you did that leather by hand? Very impressive!
  5. Is there a way to revitalize a worn steering wheel?

    General Discussion
    Could try black leather dye (for shoes perhaps), but since the actual leather material and texture looks intact in the picture, maybe even just some black/shine interior leather wipes would restore it. I use Meguiars, and it works really well to keep things dark black. I was actually surprised...
  6. CRAZY Screeching sound! Solved = Harmonic Balancer

    General Discussion
    While I might apply that logic to lightbulbs or something insignificant and easy to replace, the crank pulley is probably the last thing I'd want to "cheap out" on lol. No need to cross your fingers if you stick with OEM. All these people having trouble with theirs lately makes me kinda wish I...
  7. Help make my youtube great 😁🔰🔰

    New Member Introductions
    The way to make your channel great is to make great content. Not just spamming the same thing over and over on a forum without looking at the replies
  8. Overheat/White smoke from engine

    Basic Help & Repair
    Sounds like the radiator fans are failing, which overheats the coolant and eliminates the A/C. The white smoke is bubbling over coolant.
  9. Driver seat

    Basic Help & Repair
    Worst case, you can just swap the seat over to the passenger side every time to make adjustments until you get it right. Or, run some wires from that seat to the driver side
  10. YouTube video

    IS200 Owner's Forum
    lol lucky you didn't get stuck out there
  11. Diamond in the Rough - Slow 02 5spd Build

    Member Build Threads - Lexus IS only
    Nice updates, and congrats on the kid and still having time for the car. I also have the Manzo exhaust, I used exhaust flanges to space it out so it wouldn't melt the bumper. The new Tanabe is quieter? I definitely don't want that, but I am still open to options. Lucky catch about the pulley...
  12. 18 x 10.5 +15 on stock is350

    Wheels and Tires
    It's definitely going to poke a lot
  13. WHEEL FITMENT GUIDE: Will these fit? Width, Offset, etc. - ISX50 version

    Wheels and Tires
    Definitely won't fit, those will poke a lot
  14. Recommended oil

    General Discussion
    I use Mobil1 high mileage synthetic 5w-30
  15. High Mileage Road Course Build Log

    General Discussion
    Love all the updates and pics! Keep up the good work
  16. Guy hit me from behind while I was parked, estimates?

    General Discussion
    Same thing happened to mine, except the impact on mine was lower, so the trunk wasn't that bad. But the metal behind the bumper was. They totalled it. Can't really tell what's going on there without taking it apart. If a new bumper, lights, and trunk is all it needs, then it shouldn't be...
  17. LED Headlight Bulbs for 2001-2016 Lexus IS Sedan! Made in USA! | Diode Dynamics

    Diode Dynamics
    They do well to replace halogen bulbs, but aren't as bright as HIDs (or an HID kit). I got a set of yellows for my fogs eventually but haven't put them in yet. They do have plenty of data on their site and social media pages showing the difference in output for several examples. So does...
  18. San Diego, CA 2001 Lexus is300 auto clean 2nd owner low miles

    Cars for Sale
    yeah I figured you must be in California, with a car of that age looking that clean! So jelly lol
  19. Worth changing rear sway end links?

    General Discussion
    I would only replace them if they are making noise, or are visibly leaking or broken seals
  20. San Diego, CA 2001 Lexus is300 auto clean 2nd owner low miles

    Cars for Sale
    Might want to put your location. Looks good though, GLWS
1-20 of 185 Results