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  1. What to grab from a donor car?

    General Discussion
    The rear quarter "posts" would be nice, I'd definitely like a pair of them.
  2. New driveshaft fitment issues [Solved]

    General Discussion
    That's a bummer. This shaft is my first DSS experience, and I didn't deal direct, as it was part of a kit I bought from Grannas. Anyway, the shaft is a work of art. The clevis ends are super nice, the welding perfect and the Sonnax yoke is basically jewelry. Zero complaints, here.
  3. New driveshaft fitment issues [Solved]

    General Discussion
    My DSS driveshaft is crazy smooth. Been about 140mph, and the car was smooth as silk.
  4. Is300 2jz-Ge NA-T

    Go Faster
    Been there. It was a real fun job to pull the front crossmember off the car and then remove the whole oil pan for a re-seal.
  5. Please tell me replacing the cat converter isn’t the only way

    Basic Help & Repair
    The catalyst efficiency diagnostic is straightforward. The ecu watches the downstream O2 sensor. If the cat is working properly, the O2 sensor signal should not be dithering around. If the cat is bad, the O2 sensor WILL be dithering around quickly. That's it. Sea foam isn't going to fix a bad...
  6. Creaking/popping front end help please!

    General Discussion
    It could definitely be the sway bar bushings or end links. Also, the "caster arm bushings" get trashed in these cars. It's the rear bushing on the rear half of the front lower control arms.
  7. Few questions from a new owner

    General Discussion
    Also, the radiator in these cars seems to last about 150k miles OR 15 years - whichever comes first. Considering a Denso OEM replacement only costs $90, I strongly encourage you to replace it preventatively. A radiator failure can very easily turn into a blown head gasket and warped head.
  8. Few questions from a new owner

    General Discussion
    No, $2500 ain't gonna cut it.. ...unless you are a skilled fabricator and consider your labor free - and you use low quality, unreliable Chinesium parts, or you steal good parts from somebody. 300-350whp is doable on the stock bottom end. Beyond that you'll need gte or aftermarket...
  9. What's up guys?

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome. These cars are pretty old at this point and a LOT of ground has already been covered. Feel free to ask questions, but please do your due diligence searching, first. You may find it helpful to use google to search the site... Type into google: your search query For example...
  10. Intermittent Rich Condition

    Go Faster
    I don't see anything wrong with allowing the oem ecu to control the VVTi. However, i agree that it's hard to envision how improper VVTi function is causing a 40% swing towards the rich side in fuel mixture.
  11. How much power is the right amount? (For driveability, durability, etc.)

    Go Fast Stuff
    This probably isn't relevant to the thread, considering budget and amount of effort the OP is interested in putting in... But... I think the correct amount of power for the IS300 chassis is ~350whp, and I think the way to do it is an LS swap. I actually bought an LS3 w/ 6spd manual, and then...
  12. KY: WTB Clutch Damper Delete

    Member Wanted To Buy/Trade
    Dorman 785-438
  13. Bad Ecu? Another Na-T Oxygen Sensor issue

    Go Faster
    If I'm following you, the summary would be: Regardless of which sensor you use, spliced/joined or separate, which harness you use, or which ecu you use - the problem remains the same ?? If so, it would seem the ecu is unable to properly read its O2 signals... And it's not on account of the...
  14. Turbo build DIY

    DIY/tutorial forum
    There may be differing opinions on how to "best" turbo an IS200, but I think the best approach is to route exhaust gases from the cylinder head, and into the cast iron side of the turbo. Probably a good idea to have the exhaust enter the square/rectangular port, and not the round one - but I'm...
  15. Turbo build DIY

    DIY/tutorial forum
    Be sure to vLog it!
  16. Turbo build DIY

    DIY/tutorial forum
    Neat idea, unsure why nobody else has had it during the 15 years this website has been up!
  17. Top 10 Ugliest Cars: 2019 – The Short List

    Industry News
    Maybe I'm just becoming an old curmudgeon, but I think most ALL of the new cars are coyote ugly.
  18. Intermittent Rich Condition

    Go Faster
    My NA-T car had *exactly* the same symptoms. Ecu was an ancient Haltech E6k controlling fuel and spark ONLY. Toyota ecu fully hooked up, otherwise, and controlling everything BUT fuel/spark. Traced problem back to the TPS signal intermittently flaking out. Sometimes signal would read properly...
  19. Next Generation Corvette - Mid Engine

    The Garage
    I really like it - without the rear spoiler. Not a big fan of that "switch ridge" on the center console. Hate the fact it isn't available with a manual trans. With a starting price of $59k, I suspect GM will be selling as many of these as they can build.
  20. How much power is the right amount? (For driveability, durability, etc.)

    Go Fast Stuff
    Tried really hard to avoid posting about this, but just can't help myself. This is BS. While I agree that a typical turbo IS300 street car doesn't "need" oil squirters, they are absolutely, positively beneficial. The typical Alabama summer day is 95º. We don't "need" air conditioning, but it...
1-20 of 218 Results