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  1. 2002 Stock Grille ***FOR SALE***

    Member Sale/Trade
    emblem from my grille. stock 2001. would it be a snap on? how difficult is it to pry out the emblem?
  2. F/S * Stock Grill *

    Member Sale/Trade
    I'll do $55 shipped. I need a grille. Let me know.
  3. 2002 Stock Grille ***FOR SALE***

    Member Sale/Trade
    how difficult is it to take off the emblem on my grille and put it on yours? I might consider $45 shipped if it's fairly easy to do.
  4. Prolex Direct Flow Intake

    Go Fast Stuff
    that's what I see too.. damn.. :wink: Mike???
  5. F/S * Stock Grill *

    Member Sale/Trade
    Maybe you are not aware of the going rate for used stock grille. I'll consider it if you can do $35 shipped
  6. Black Pearl "L" (grille) ***SOLD***

    Member Sale/Trade
    what exactly is being sold here? Black chrome "L" emblem or the whole grille with black chrome L? If you are selling the whole grille I'm really interested. One of the clips on my grille broke and I bought used one from a .NET member but it arrived with broken clip as well.. So I need a...
  7. Vented PLP Radiator Panel for Sale

    Member Sale/Trade
    you will not feel any gains or anything like that. Benefits would be very minimal anyway. It just looks neat having clean brushed aluminum piece under the hood. I'll try taking some pictures in couple of days. I'm really busy with school right now so it's not gonna happen over the weekend. I...
  8. Vented PLP Radiator Panel for Sale

    Member Sale/Trade
    Used for about 2 months. It is off the car now. It does have few scuffs from the screws and rubber seal on the hood. No damage to it. You will only be able to see the scuff from the hood(not a scratch, just that darn rubber seal around the hood left a permanent mark on the aluminum) after...
  9. FS: 2002 black tail lights ***BRAND NEW PAIR***

    Member Sale/Trade
    If you are willing to do $200, then i'll pick up. Let me know if you are interested.
  10. License Plate Frames [Update 6/17/03 Pre-Orders Over!]

    General Discussion
    I got my frames~ man.. these are some high quality frames. These are not super thin and flimsy like those cheap ones at pepboys. These are THICK and HEAVY! My frames came with little scratches but they are fine. No biggie. Thanks Tony.
  11. Axis Se7en 3 piece

    Wheels and Tires
    man.. it has a nice wide lip..
  12. F/S - Eibach Springs / Bilstein Shock combo

    Member Sale/Trade
    how long has it been on your car? I would be interested if you lowered your price a bit. Of course I would pay for shipping.
  13. Just want to get away!

    Member Sale/Trade
    what's he selling??
  14. IS300 vs. Ford SHO

    The Street
    FWD vs. RWD you have the edge on launch. Just make sure you keep your RPM not too high. FWD cars with decent HP get mad wheel hops at launch. If he didn't do any suspension work, you have the edge.
  15. simple mod to make your car sound and acelerate better

    Go Fast Stuff
    i would think this would decrease HP. taking the cover off of the filter box would mean you are sucking in hot air under the hood and it would probably create a turbulence with the cooler air coming from the intake scoop.
  16. Installed Armrest in my 2001

    I believe there was a thread listing all the needed parts with part number and cost. Also instructions. This was while back and if someone has time to search for it, please post back here. I'm trying to do the install also.
  17. ~To anyone who shaved their emblems~

    that will go away in a month or so.
  18. altanator (can i just have someone upgrade it)

    come again??? :o
  19. IS300.NET License Plate Frames. Finally!!

    General Discussion
    i want two. do I send in $48 since i get $2 discount per frame?? :D
  20. what is better HKS or tien full suspension

    Stop, Drop and Roll
    HKS coilovers are way better than Teins.
1-20 of 415 Results