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  1. Post Pics of modified Sportcross

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    ^ agreed. and the redded out taillights look proper on the silver
  2. Quick pics of my Sportcross

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    lookin' right!
  3. Routine Maintenance Completed & Tire Wear Issue Found

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    It almost looks like it was rubbing another suspension component. Very strange! Get to the bottom of it yet?
  4. My 02 SportX Mini-Budget Build

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    damn that thing is in the weeds! nice!
  5. A Few Pics and a Short Video of my 02' Sportcross

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    lookin' right! nice job!
  6. sportx specific yakima rack for sale

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    bah. i don't have enough posts to even LOOK at this animal.
  7. Loosing gas

    Basic Help & Repair
    you need to get this car to a shop stat. just pay them the 60 bucks to run diagnostics on it, then fix the issues yourself if you're a diy'er. if you've still got cat converters, a 5.5 is dumping, like jason said, almost straight fuel into them. they will melt down into a solid brick of...
  8. Ode to Seatback Table

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    this is great! i'll have to get an action shot next time i hit the home depot. these hillbillies were staring at me a couple weeks ago when i bought an 8 foot ladder. i sized her up, dropped the seatback table down, and BIGGITY BAM, shut the trunk. i heard, "well galllllll darn wouldya...
  9. Headlight Question

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    def white around the grille frame, but i think painting the mesh\grid white would look strange. that mesh\grid should be black or charcoal. if you paint the grid white it will look like you said 'screw it' and just rattlecanned the whole car white.
  10. My german IBP IS300

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    looking good kaido! i've seen mostly is200 in the international forum, your true european is300 is very nice. i'm jealous of your bumpers as well!
  11. Headlight Question

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    yep, i'm doing it. i did some color match stuff on a yota FJ for a friend of mine, it's proper as long as its not over done. i think your white on white will look sweeter than my red on red. you heard it here first.
  12. Headlight Question

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    wait. ACTUALLY white? i don't think i've seen anyone do that on here, aside from black cars. to be honest, if you mask off the rings around the projectors to leave them chrome, bodymatched lights could be absolutely SICK. final year nsx, c6 vette, even vint jags all had body color under clear...
  13. Eibach Prokit before and after

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    Definitely should have some from the factory this way, it was completely raked out before. No way I'm making a meet within the next 2 weeks, some idiot hit my car over the weekend. It's not too bad, I'll post pics shortly.
  14. My CW SportX

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    That thing looks fantastic, and 485 ponies to back up anyone busting your balls about a wagon. You're livin' the dream!
  15. Eibach Prokit before and after

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    Here are before and after pictures of my 02 sportx. I went with Prokits and Tokico blues. I'm very pleased with the ride. Just like stock, only lower. The front doesn't look dropped much at all. The reason: I replaced all of the spring isolators\shock bushings. The wagoon has 120k on it...
  16. New GGP Sportcross owner in Chicago!

    IS300 Owner's Forum
    I just picked up the eibach prokits and a set of tokico blues, going to do the install this weekend. Will post pics!
  17. Attention Fellow SportCrossers : Please contribute to the SportCross FAQ

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    low beam HID-D2R hi beam 9005
  18. Is300 sportcross

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    welcome! this site has an amazing amount of information, and tons of folks that are always willing to help. looking forward to pics!
  19. bye bye SportX fam

    SportCross Owner's Forum
    good luck man, i hope everything turns around for you
  20. Which Magnaflow muffler for stock location?

    Go Fast Stuff
    jesus that sounds just about perfect!
1-20 of 28 Results