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  1. CA: 2001 Lexus IS300 GGP Clean

    Cars for Sale
    What is your First & Last name? Tom Phan What is your phone number? -Optional: 714-495-0538 What is your Location? : Huntington Beach, CA VIN#: JTHBD182810022479 Miles: 103557 Price: $7750 Title Status: Clean Contact Info: [email protected] 2001 Lexus IS300 in GGP (Graphite Grey Pearl) for...
  2. David Huang's 1,000 HP Lexus IS

    General Discussion
    D.Huang!!! I laugh everytime I see the Hugo Approved image LOL WOW its been a long time. I even remember seeing your car at the 1st Hooters meet back in 02 or 03 or was it at the Carson Toyota meet. Either way, your car has sure come along way..... you too!!! Hope you're doing well.... PS come...
  3. 5 days till Mexico...

    The Parking Lot
    how'd you get into jail? I'm going to Cancun on the 20th so could use a few tips.
  4. What happend to everybody's multicolored rep wang?

    The Parking Lot
    Has Donald sexed up a blonde chick yet?
  5. My schedule

    The Parking Lot
    I dont know who you are but come visit me, you seem very popular.... I will cook dog for you...!!!
  6. Black Sapphire Pearl paint maintenance?

    Thinking of going w/ Black Sapphire Pearl but curious if the maintenance is similar to black.... in that case I might as well go w/ Obsidian. How's the depth perception of the paint? I like the fact that the BSP is mostly black w/ highlights of blue....
  7. corporate email takeover question

    The Parking Lot
    I'd imagine a simple response like "This email is no longer active please email [email protected] for assistance" instead of actually talking to my contacts as if it were me, thats where i have the questions.
  8. corporate email takeover question

    The Parking Lot
    I just left a company where my email address (First.Last [email protected]) was widely known as the best way to get in touch with me. now that I left the company they have forwarded all my emails to another contact there. I understand that the email name and computer belongs to the company but is...
  9. HIN's Nightshift in Nashville, TN

    EDIT: i dont know how I put the title up there as HIN page ranking but basically read it as "HIN's nightshift in Nashville, TN" Anybody planning on entering their cars into HIN's Nightshift Nashville TN on July 26th at Music Motor Speedway? Its the first time HIN has come to...
  10. Nightshift Maryland June 14th

    anybody looking to get onto the dyno's MUST be boosted.... i'm tired of all these weak ass cars trying to get onto the dyno's w/ a muffler...... pass the word!
  11. Nightshift Maryland June 14th

    FYI, Nightshift is coming to Landover, Maryland just a few minutes east of DC. Any IS owners planning on showing or possibly some boosted IS's gonna get on the Dyno for the competition? Lets get a big grouping out for this one! FedEx Field 1600 Fedex Way Landover, MD 20785 here's the link to...
  12. Honda Ruckus

    The Garage
    I'd rather teleport so f*ck off!
  13. shipping a car across country

    The Parking Lot
    i actually ship cars across the country quite a bit. most of our cars are low and show quality, i can see what kinda rates I can get you. it just depends on when the shipment needs to take place and if its convenient for the carriers. if you're interested you can email me at [email protected]
  14. valentine's day ideas

    The Parking Lot
    wait so seriously, no one has ideas? i'm on a last minute ditch effort, too much work on my plate, sadly i thought i'd come up w/ something cool by now. F*CK! oh....hi PL!
  15. Valentines day

    so lets say someone here forgot to plan a Valentines day bash for their significant other.... would any members on here happen to have a last minute ditch effort possibility they can muster up? know... what if.....
  16. f*ck yo Apartment!

    The Parking Lot
    autoroll for the win!
  17. f*ck yo Apartment!

    The Parking Lot
    ur a smart cookie!!! :cool: coolsat....;)
  18. f*ck yo Apartment!

    The Parking Lot
    oh sorry, i went off on a tangent.... i was just browsing back in the PL and noticed Mazda is banned and Darthvader is now in the house. Its been a weird morning for me. sorry. Yah, i guess i'll forward over the fcc link to the property manager and see waht they say. either way, i doubt my...
  19. So I just got b*tched out....

    The Parking Lot
    didn't you used to sell Infiniti or Lexus or somethign like that? wtf Jeep now? man i've been gone a long time.
  20. f*ck yo Apartment!

    The Parking Lot
    yah i knew the fcc banned exclusive contracts binding apartment tenants to cable networks. PRoblem in that was I believe the actual hardwire and costs involved to let the Verizon's and AT&T's into the competition. I remember it was left uncertain whether it would drive up costs or drive down...
1-20 of 456 Results