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  1. The second-generation Lexus IS's fourth recall

    Industry News
    Nice article, Joaquin. Hope my car is not affected :(
  2. 2009 IS 350 purchase

    Dealers and Pricing
    That's a good price, but you should be able to get some extras thrown in like tint and tire hazzard. Good luck.
  3. Lexus Service Consultants?

    Dealers and Pricing
    You may want to talk to the HR department at your local dealer. They should have all the requirements.
  4. 08 is250 pricing question. need help

    Dealers and Pricing
    There are pro's and con's with leasing. Good idea if you want a low payment and drive average miles.
  5. Carmax...

    Dealers and Pricing
    You may still be able to get a warranty from Lexus depending on the date of first use. Also, there are extended warranty companies that offer zero deductible.
  6. Anyone Else with an 09 IS250/350?

    Dealers and Pricing
    Congratz on the new car. I know of 4 Black Saphire/Ecru combos available in my area, but have not seen a saphire/black yet for 2009. I really like the new look of the dash and the stitching on the seats.
  7. Did I get a good deal?

    Dealers and Pricing
    Sounds about right. Have fun in your new Lexus and welcome to the club.
  8. Lexus of Kendall tried to rip me off for $3,000

    Dealers and Pricing
    Send me a PM if you are going to JM. Kendall was probably trying to tack on a warranty or service package.
  9. Anyone with a 800+ credit score?

    The Parking Lot
    My experian score is over 900! Didn't think they went that high. Thanks for the link.
  10. The FL Summer Lexus-Supra Mega Meet: July 25,26,27 2008- FL2k8

    After reading through most of this and the other threads about the Mega Meet, I want to give my own shout-out to Josh, JM Lexus staff, all the vendors, and all the volunteers. Thanks for posting up all the pics, there were some amazing cars this year. This year's event was the biggest and best...
  11. LDA - Lexus Dealer Association/Advertising?!?!

    Dealers and Pricing
    Not sure if the amount varies from region to region, but all dealers incur that fee. You can negotiate everything, but the dealer does not see that fee as profit. Good luck.
  12. Should I get the Special Warranty?

    Dealers and Pricing
    Depends on if you are willing to do all the services at the dealer.
  13. 06 IS 350 good deal or too good?

    Dealers and Pricing
    Sounds like a good deal, but do go check it out thoroughly....test drive, have a mechanic look it over. Good luck.
  14. Dealer Directory - - What happened???

    Dealers and Pricing
    LOL.....thanks for the plug!
  15. Dealer Directory - - What happened???

    Dealers and Pricing
    All you need to do to find a Lexus dealer is go to: Lexus Dealer Search They list dealers in your area by State and Zip I will replace the previous post.
  16. How did you buy your IS (Lease/Finance/Cash)

    Dealers and Pricing
    I lease mine with a car allowance of sorts.
  17. No IS-F Demo to Drive

    I totally agree. I also know that when I attended an ISF event at Moroso, the cars they used on the track went back to the dealer for sale. :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
  18. No IS-F Demo to Drive

    It's not Lexus, it's the dealer. I guess the thought is if a customer is willing to pay MSRP, they don't want to buy a driven car.
  19. ISF Drive at Moroso Raceway

    Took this yesterday at Moroso Raceway, West Palm Beach, during the Lexus training. The drivers are the Lexus professionals doing hot laps. YouTube - Lexus ISF at Moroso I did get to go with the guy driving the white car!!! As well as the Red.....LOL
  20. Buying new vs CPO?

    Dealers and Pricing
    Plus 1st free service with CPO and a guarantee that it has had no major accidents.
1-20 of 448 Results